Qualified Intermediary Capital Advisors

We offer qualified intermediary services for both traditional 1031 exchanges and reverse 1031 exchanges. We handle all traditional exchanges for a flat fee of $775 per exchange and have been acting as a qualified intermediary or qualified accommodator for more than a decade without incident or without complaint. We focus on our clients needs and ability to ensure their 1031 exchange is done property, efficiently and safely. Unlike many Qualified Intermediary Companies, we do not put our clients money at risk while under our control by investing it into stocks or bonds. We keep all 1031 exchange proceeds in a large banking institution in our Qualified Intermediary Companies escrow account. We also carry E&O insurance as well as a fidelity bond for our clients protection, although since starting this 1031 exchange business, more than 12 years ago, there has never been a claim made against either our malpractice insurance or fidelity bond. We pride ourselves on providing both professionalism and quality work while always closely safeguarding our clients 1031 exchange money in that only two people on earth have access to our clients money being held by the Qualified Intermediary, throughout the 1031 exchange and that is only my partner (Wife) and myself. We pride ourselves on being the safest and most intelligent Qualified Intermediary Company in the nation with respect to all facets of 1031 exchanges.

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