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Bleeding Control Kit and Training Saves Anderson Teacher's Life

In the fall of 2018, Anderson County District One Schools made what turned out to be a lifesaving investment. They gave every employee the opportunity to take part in Active Shooter Response Training from ProActive Response Group. The training included instruction on how to stop massive bleeding, and the value of the course became apparent on July 22, 2019.

Life After Likes: Instagram Test Is No Longer A Test

TubeHomie is one of many websites that sells Social Media Services such as Likes and Followers But the Owner Kris Novak has an advantage over the rest of the competition... that is that her son Preston Hudman is a talented Influence marketer who prides himself on staying "ahead of the curve" and knowing all new developments involving the social media industry. Once TubeHomie Learned of this unfortunate upcoming change It began changing the primary focus from being on "fake" Likes and followers to being on real active user engagement (comments) that are coming from VERIFIED users (aka blue check comments)

Architectural Canopies Brings in High Quality Custom Canopies at Affordable Prices

LogoThe modern custom canopies come equipped with wide variety of features and characters, enabling the businesses to promote their brand and make an impression potential customers. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the distinct advantages a custom canopy can give businesses over the competition.

Architectural Canopies Helps Enhance the Outdoor Space with Outdoor Awnings

LogoChoosing an awning for the outdoors offers a whole lot of benefits, primarily when it is used to enhance the beauty and appearance of the outdoor space. Awnings allow the individuals to have guests over without the worry of them getting burned from sun exposure or wet from rainfall. Thoughtfully chosen outdoor awnings not only protects the outdoor space against the weather and elements but also adds another dimension to the aesthetic of the property.

The Legal Success of Joseph P. Klock Jr

LogoWith so many decades spent working in law Joseph P. Klock, Jr. has contributed his time and skills to numerous varied cases. His extensive legal background has made him an admired litigator. Despite the years of success and acclaim, Joseph has honored his pro bono tradition and he continues to strive for the highest of professionalism when working with clients. General Litigation, International and Criminal Defense cases are among the cases Joe Klock Jr has been a part of. He is based in South Florida and is a Partner at the Miami law firm of Rasco, Klock Perez & Nieto.

EleVia Software Announces Electronic Invoicing Enhancements

LogoEleVia Software today announced the release of Electronic Invoicing (EI) version 6.5, the market-leading EleVia solution which enhances Deltek Vision and Deltek Vantagepoint invoicing. The new release expands automation by providing parallel invoice approvals as well as new options to store and access files. The release is compatible with both Deltek Vision and Deltek Vantagepoint.

Summer Drinks in Miami Beach

LogoTime Out Market has already established itself as one the largest food halls in all of South Florid. Visitors will find a trio of bars serving a variety of craft cocktails plus an extensive assortment of wine, brews, and even frozen concoctions for those that want to cool off.

Isaiah House, Inc. Has Secured Nearly $3M in Federal Funding

LogoThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations (SAMHSA) has awarded Isaiah House Inc. (Zammeah Bivins-Gibson, Executive Director) a 5-year federal grant for nearly $3M to implement the Community Creche Expansion Program (CCEP) to serve low income pregnant and postpartum women with substance abuse disorder in Essex County, NJ.

Cabinet Kitchen Refacing Offers Tips on How to Properly Clean Cabinetry

Capital Kitchen Refacing is a leading kitchen renovation and cabinet refacing company that serves Yardley, PA. Capital Kitchen Refacing strives to see all of its clients enjoy their newly renovated kitchens. They recognize that cabinetry can be costly, which is why they are here to offer tips on how to properly clean cabinetry.

Smith Publicity Offers Book Promotion Tips for Non-Fiction Books

LogoAccording to Dan Smith, CEO of book promotion firm Smith Publicity, non-fiction books are the best suited books for publicity. Smith's firm has promoted over 1,400 non-fiction books, and over 3,500 from all genres.

Buying YouTube Views Will Get You Disqualified for the Silver Play Button

How To Get A Silver Play Button

Architectural Canopies Supplies Quality Aluminum Frames and Canopies

LogoThe demand for canopies and awnings is significantly increasing due to the overwhelming popularity of outdoor activities. Indulging in such activities is almost impossible with having a canopy that provides shades and shelter, blocking the harmful ultra-violet rays. Aluminum frames and canopies will let one enjoy any event comfortably.

Architectural Canopies Offers Unique Glass Canopy System

LogoThe introduction of glass canopy has significantly revolutionized exterior decoration. Ever since its inception, it has continuously been used in almost every commercial building. Mainly designed for office purposes, canopies are often sought after for office decoration. It offers the office building a unique identity, adding a modern touch to the overall structure.

American Home Quotes Now Offering Water Damage Services

LogoCustomers looking for water damage services can utilize American Home Quotes to receive affordable water damage quotes from reliable and professional water damage companies.

Strategic Response Partners Says 40% of Businesses Could Fold and Be Liable for Loss of Lives Without Tornado Disaster Teams in Place

LogoThough federal labor laws generally require all employers to have an emergency action plan that organizes activity during workplace emergencies, one disaster management company says too often, most employers don't even have any plan whatsoever, and for the ones that do, at best, their plans are meager, outdated, and/or ineffective. Exemplifying this point, often times large residential buildings have numerous tenants who errantly believe they are safe before and after a storm due to the building owner's perceived aptitude for maintaining adequate safety guidelines. Unfortunately, all too often this is not the case. Culpable large commercial asset owners in Tornado Alley - namely South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Northern Texas, and Eastern Colorado generally have more on their shoulders than managing bottom lines. Due to a large number of natural disasters their building assets incur, such asset managers also have to try to manage blame in an effort to deal with the devastating financial burden natural disasters can cause to these properties.

Factor Finders Announces Fall 2019 Ohio Scholarship Winner

LogoSerena Powell, a student at the University of Cincinnati, was chosen as the recipient of Factor Finders' Fall 2019 Ohio scholarship. Powell caught the eye of our committee with her unique response to the prompt: "Do you think technology has helped or hurt small business?"

Factor Finders Announces Fall 2019 National Scholarship Winner

LogoCharles Jones, an incoming freshman at Texas State University, was chosen as the recipient of the $1,000 national scholarship awarded by Factor Finders.

The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C., Taking Clients Who Have Suffered Vacation Traveling Accidents Throughout the Summer Season

Although vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing, an accident could happen at any time that could derail travel plans and leave victims in pain and strained financially. Luckily, the Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C., specialize in personal injury and auto accident claims. The firm's lawyers are deeply committed to getting their clients the compensation they deserve for their injuries and damages, and their successful track record speaks for itself.

Sunlight Cleaning Services New York Is Going to Conduct a Research That Will Include a Poll Among the Customers

LogoSunlight Cleaning explains why the decision to create this poll was made. Even if the inner dilemma "to clean or not to clean" is solved, the next stage is to decide what type of cleaning is relevant for the customer. That is why Sunlight Cleaning experts in professional cleaning service have found the solution of how to simplify the process of making this choice.

American Home Quotes Expands Into Pest Control Services

LogoAmerican Home Quotes is pleased to announce the expansion into offering pest control services to help residents connect to professional and reliable pest control companies in their area.

Blister Packaging Market Is Estimated to Grow at a CAGR of 5.16% to Reach $12,197.471 Million in 2024: Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence

LogoThe recent study on the blister packaging market covers an in-depth analysis of the market based on type, material, technology, end-users, and geography. The report also covers the country-level analysis within the regions as well. Additionally, the report covers the key trends in the market along with drivers and restraint during the forecast period 2018 to 2024. The report has segmented the blister packaging market by type (compartment, slide, wallet), by material (PVC, PVDC, PP, others), technology (cold-form, thermoformed), end-user (consumer goods, food, pharmaceutical), and geography into North America (United States, Canada, Mexico, others), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Others), Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Others), Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, Israel, Others) and Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, South Korea, Others). The blister packaging market is expected to witness a sharp rise during the forecast period owing to its growing demand in food, consumer goods, and pharmaceutical industry. Rapid growth in prescription and Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs market is leading to an increased demand for blister packaging solutions since it is the widely adopted packaging option around the globe. Also, as with most other packaged goods, pharmaceuticals need reliable and speedy packaging solutions that deliver a combination of product protection, quality, tamper evidence, patient comfort, and security needs. Expanding pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is anticipated to increase the blister packaging market share during the forecast period.

New Zealand eTA Visa the Change for a Simple Entry

Now you can comfortably negotiate the hassles of changed New Zealand tourism policy through

Benefits of Hiring Veterans

LogoVeterans come to jobs with a mindset aimed at being successful, similar to that of an entrepreneur. Moreover, they can make knowledgeable decisions when they need to be made quickly and they can expeditiously act as group leaders as many of them may have previous experience working in a company or a team of two individuals.

HBO's "Big Little Lies" Highlights Child Custody Rights in California

LogoThough it just concluded its second season on July 21, 2019, HBO's hit show "Big Little Lies" has already drawn critical acclaim as a crime drama that follows the lives of five women in Monterey, CA. One story arc features a character who loses custody of her twin sons to the mother of her recently deceased husband. The scenario may make for engaging television, but it can lead to some confusion over parental rights in California.

Dude Dangerous, a Business Entrepreneur with a Different Take on Business

Dude Dangerous, an auto enthusiast is not just an entrepreneur by choice but an individual who is passionate about what he does. And so he brings in the wit and the charm in the way he conducts his day to day business. He has introduced a unique persona of a comedy actor that keeps his clients entertained with the comedic elements he adds during his interactions and discussions. While a majority of them like it, a few are bound to be offended. But for Due "It's nothing personal, It's just business". For every entrepreneur, the core business values are different. However, for Dude Dangerous it is all about being honest and a mutual satisfaction between both the parties. And with a little pun here and there, he brings in the entertainment factor while closing a deal.