Latest News Launches Join the Coffee Cause Project to Help Support Teens

LogoA new start-up launches a project to offer disadvantaged teens a way to earn and learn to have a store. By selling coffee like a lemonade stand, they're turning to donations to make the plan happen. With help, plans to offer teens a coffee shop starter kit for $200 in the hopes that they'll be able to set up at a retailer in their area.

ACN Team Revolution Hires Baltimore SEO Marketing Agency Sheets and Associates

The ACN Team Revolution, founded by SVP Orin Solomon and SVP/COC Leanne Gabriel, contract with Sheets and Associates to optimize the website to better serve their ACN organization.

The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP Handles Speeding Violations

The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP is able to handle a range of clients and legal cases involving speeding violations in the winter of 2017 and beyond. Versed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey courts and laws, Mario Zapicchi and Aaron Liller, the two traffic lawyers, apply their legal knowledge in areas like Mercer County, NJ, as well as the surrounding areas.

Mac and Company Appoints Ryan Franklin as Managing Director, Opens New Office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In big news earlier today, Mac and Company announced the appointment of Ryan Franklin to the position of Managing Director. Ryan is a Philadelphia native who joins us with 9 years of experience in the Medical Field. With a financial background and team building experience, Ryan will be a major asset to our growth progress.

M & A Articles Can Result from Strategic Alliances

LogoAlliances habitually result in mergers and acquisitions. Partnering relationships, such as strategic alliances or joint ventures, can at times lead to a merger or acquisition state of affairs. After companies work together for a phase of time and get to know one another's weaknesses, strengths, and synergistic possibilities, new association opportunities become noticeable. One could argue that a strategic alliance or joint venture is simply the getting to recognize each other part of a courtship between companies. More details related to the same can be found from the m & a articles featured on the Transworld M & A Advisors website.

PTP Offers Personal Development Training Courses Including Assertiveness and Building Self-Discipline in the Workplace

LogoOne of the leading companies to provide management, sales and customer-care training to various organisations throughout the UK, PTP offers unique and integrated personal development training courses which include assertiveness and emotional control training, personal effectiveness training, self-discipline and building personal confidence in the workplace. The wide variety of other courses offered in this training include public speaking, work-life balance, speed reading, consultancy skills, proof reading, interview preparation, professional report writing and many others. They provide these courses to public sector companies, charities, corporate world and non-profit organisations. Besides personal development training, they also offer customer care training, special courses, management training, sales training, telephone customer service skills, finance and planning training.

InBlock Offers Block and Estate Management Solutions with 24/7 Emergency Customer Support and Upbeat Maintenance

One of the most trusted block managements agents in Surrey, InBlock Management offers block and estate management solutions with 24/7 emergency customer support and upbeat maintenance. Their solutions are designed to efficiently manage properties and give peace of mind to the property owners. Their services are highly cost-effective and assist in maximising rental income for property owners by implementing the vast amount of knowledge and experience garnered over years of service. They also appoint a dedicated account manager to ensure hassle-free running of block and estates of owners.

Content Marketing from Iconic Digital, the Roadmap to Success

LogoIconic Digital, a company revolutionizing the digital marketing world since 2012, offers results-oriented content marketing services with an objective to increase brand authority, helping businesses drive profitable customer engagement. The roadmap to success, their content marketing services, involves creating interesting and relevant content, which is then distributed and shared on social media platforms to increase brand awareness and engagement. Their experts create bespoke content marketing plans that include weekly blogs for their customers' website, distribution of content via social media channels, and email marketing to their clients' target audiences to drive regular management.

James Freeman: Offering Health Advice for Foreign Travel to Australia

When people are looking to visit or emigrate to Australia, there are many things that they must do, from obtaining the relevant visas to arranging accommodation, the list may appear endless, and for many people this means forgetting things that are the most vital, such as their health. In line with this one company specialising in emigration law, James Freeman, has recently been offering health advice for all travelling to Australia.

Activate the Brand with Design Activity and Create the Right First Impression

Design Activity, one of the leading branding and product packaging design companies in the UK, helps organisations to activate their brand and create the right first impression by showcasing real products and highlighting key features as well as benefits. With their creative strategy, they assist businesses in driving brand awareness and engaging customers. From developing a compelling trade story and driving trial to engagement with clients brand through real life experience, the entire process is managed by Design Activity to ensure high quality standards of service are maintained, without compromise.

RS Digital Urging All to Prepare Their Online Marketing Strategies for 2018

Christmas is almost here and for many people this means starting to stop thinking about work and looking forward to the Christmas break. However one leading digital marketing agency, RS Digital,has recently been urging all companies to make the most of their time left in the office, using it to ensure that they have plans and preparation in place for online marketing in 2018 – So that they can start the new year as well as possible.

Orlando Tax CPA Firm Publishes Florida Tax Client Review Video

Orlando CPA accounting firm, Tiller and Sheets LLC, announce the release of the newest review video on YouTube ( highlighting 5-star reviews from their thankful Florida tax, accounting and bookkeeping clients.

Liberty Lending Consultants Inc. Offers Home Financing Advice

LogoLiberty Lending Consultants Inc. would like to offer advanced home financing advice for potential first time buyers. Financing a home can be a difficult task and Liberty Lending is here to help.

Ranch Realty Helps Locating Best Homes for Rent in Phoenix and Scottsdale

LogoBeing a family-owned business, Ranch Realty has been doing a great job in helping those who have just moved to Phoenix and Scottsdale. They are a full-service real estate and property management company that has been doing a great job in helping their clients find the best homes for rent in Phoenix and Scottsdale. A home is undoubtedly valuable for one and needs to be picked with care. Finding that one home might be difficult for someone who is just new to the place. That is why it makes sense to get some professional help regarding finding a new home for rent. Seeking professional expertise, in this case, helps especially from companies like Ranch Realty that has been doing business in the greater Scottsdale and Arizona area since 1974. Ranch Realty specializes in homes for rent for rent in Phoenix and Scottsdale, residential real estate sales, leasing and property management services, and rentals 85258 and 85260. Apart from Scottsdale, they also serve Tempe, Cave Creek, Phoenix and Paradise Valley. Posts Guide on 2017 IRS 1040EZ Form

LogoIn a new article, tax preparation planner Frank Ellis explains what is IRS Form 1040EZ for filing taxes in 2018. He explains it is the quickest and easiest of three main forms to fill out. The form is used by taxpayers who do not have to itemize deductions or have dependents.

Tax Preparer Answers 5 Common Questions at

LogoAn article now available on reveals answers to five tax-related questions. Written and published by tax preparation planner Frank Ellis, the article covers important topics every taxpayer needs to know as tax season approaches. These topics also represent key matters people need to be aware of when filing their taxes.

Titan Wraps Helps Create a Lasting Impact with Their Attractive Car Wraps in Carrollton and Dallas Texas

LogoFor business owners who have a commercial vehicle at their disposal can use it for promotion. There is one company that offers attractive and high-quality car wraps in Carrollton and Dallas Texas that is going to get the job done with ease. In current times, just advertising one's products or services might not be enough to see enough leads and profits. If anyone wants the business to see momentum, then it is important to be always on the mind of the consumers. The best way the brain can be impacted is by staying in front of one's eyes all the time. Using the commercial vehicle like the car or the truck will mean that there is a mobile billboard at one's disposal. Car wraps from Titan Wraps are just what one needs to be in business.

Willo Security Offers the Most Efficient Private Investigator in Canton and Ohio to Reveal the Truth

LogoAnyone can now easily seek out the truth with Willo Security that has been around for many years and offering topnotch investigative services. When it comes to security solutions, Willo Security offers quite a lot under a single roof. They are a company that brings more than a quarter-century of experience in the security industry. As a security company, they have maintained and strictly adhered to all security protocols. They have tried going that extra step for their esteemed clients to ensure that they are safe round the clock. Apart from theoretical knowledge, Willo Security is also well known to have gathered on-field knowledge that has only helped them serve their clients better.

Tri-County Cleaning Offers Superior Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Doral and Fort Lauderdale at Attractive Prices

LogoTri-County Cleaning Services is a company with the best reputation when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning in Doral and Fort Lauderdale. They are one of the best in their field and has been at this job for a long time now. They are one of the companies who are well trusted for their professional approach, quality of work and prices. Tri-County Cleaning Services is one name that is trusted by the office managers, business owners and custodial departments throughout Miami, Boca, and all the surrounding Florida communities. Since their inception, they have never failed to deliver, and this was only possible because they had been able to deliver the very best in commercial cleaning solutions.

Clarke Gammon Wellers Offers Property Management Services to Fulfill the Needs of Residential Property Developments

Clarke Gammon Wellers offers property management services which possess the flexibility and quality to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of residential property developments. They possess vast amount of experience in the residential sector and are extremely efficient to meet the maintenance needs of each of their customers. They also experience and insight into the sensitive issues that can occur between adjoining properties. They work closely with their clients to offer the best residential block and estate management services.

Acuity Solutions Offers Sage 300 Built on the Most Flexible and Expandable Architecture

LogoA leading Sage Business Partner in London, Acuity Solutions offers Sage 300 which provides a comprehensive business management solution. It easily supports multiple entities, languages, currencies, and is highly-compatible with international business setup. Sage 300 is built on the most flexible and expandable architecture to meet the needs of multinational businesses. Integrated with Sage CRM, Sage 300 is used by over half a million customers across 150 countries. This software provides graphical views of key performance that help businesses make better-informed decisions based on real-time information.

Active Consultancy Offers Prize Fulfillment Services for Improved Employee Satisfaction

A leading prize management solutions company, Active Consultancy offers prize fulfilment services to improve satisfaction among employees within any organisation. They have vast experience working with many corporate clients across a wide range of different sectors, which has given them the wisdom to know what works best for their current and future clients. With over 1,500 prizes available off the shelf, they have created a comprehensive range of prizes that empower employees to improve their performance. Their USP lies in working closely with clients and crafting a prize solution that will prove to be beneficial as per the precise requirements of the audience.

The Law Firm of Jacobson & Rooks, LLC Assisting Clients with Sexual Harassment Cases

LogoLending their services to blue and white-collar workers alike, the Jacobson & Rooks, LLC law firm has served the Philadelphia area faithfully for years. Able to critically analyze and study a case, they aggressively fight on behalf of their clients, applying their knowledge of the law surrounding wrongful terminations and harassment. Versatile in their legal approach, their attorneys in South Jersey have fought against transgender discrimination in the workplace, as well as racial, religious, and familial discrimination. The law firm is now pursuing cases of sexual harassment against employers across the region.

PropertyNow Shows How Homeowners Can Sell Their House Privately Through Real Estate Agents Without Paying Commission

LogoLicensed real estate agents, PropertyNow®, have introduced a new way to help property owners lease or sell their house privately and quickly. Through listing sites like,, and property owners can lease or sell without paying commission to a real estate agent. They can save thousands of dollars in agent commission and even fetch a better price for their homes.

Integrity Images Offers Graphic Design Services to the Business Owner's Doorstep in Houston and the Woodlands Texas

LogoIt cannot be denied that for every business has digital printing requirements. There are many companies offering digital printing in Houston and The Woodlands Texas as well as graphic design services, but not all can help business owners make the mark they want with their printing materials. Simple things like a business card or a manual or a flyer are all important company promotional materials that need to be printed in good quality material. To get it all done from a company that has been around for a good time is a must as it rules out the chances of things getting damaged and the money going to waste. Integrity Images comes to the rescue. Established in 2001, they are one company that has emerged as one of the leading digital printing resources in the area. They are not only recognized for the quality work, but they are also known for their excellent customer service.