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Asha Care Goes Global with Entry in South Africa, Malaysia and Nairobi

LogoAsha Care, an initiative by Founder and Chairman-George Molakal, who used his funds to provide a stipend for widows across multiple states in India to educate and re-skill them and also provide an immediate cushion to the family for their basic needs and educational support of the children. This has slowly grown with more widows and children under the program, and now George is reaching out globally to angel investors for supporting widows.

Sax LLP Notes Payroll Changes in New York City, New York State and Philadelphia

Industry-leading accounting, tax and advisory firm Sax LLP has published information that details and explains recent payroll tax rate changes in New York City, New York State and Philadelphia that went into effect recently, on July 1. Sax maintains offices in both New York City and New Jersey, works with a variety of organizations in a wide-range of industries in the tri-state area and frequently publishes industry specific news and updates on its website, which is listed below.

Aina Swartz Wins Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award

LogoThe Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award offers supplementary tuition fees support to exceptional young Americans who wish to study overseas.

Catering by Mario's: Event Planning Services Done Right

LogoCatering by Mario's, a company serving Philadelphia, PA, provides event planning services done right. With top-notch event planners and caterers as well as two banquet halls, this company has everything to offer when it comes to event planning and catering. Hosts who are searching for event planning companies in Philadelphia, PA, and the neighboring communities, can turn to this catering company.

Job Seekers Searching for Staffing Agencies Can Turn to CRG

Although the unemployment rate has significantly decreased over the past few years, many people still find themselves looking for a job. Fortunately, they can turn to professional staffing agencies that are dedicated to matching up the right person to the right company. CRG is one of the leading staffing agencies in Greensboro, NC, as well as the surrounding areas. Whether someone is looking for a job in Information Technology, HR/Administrative, Accounting Finance, or an Executive role, they can turn to CRG.

REA & Associates Announces Addition of Business Advisory Podcast to Its Website, Bringing Industry Professionals with Modern Solutions for Free

REA & Associates, a leading accounting firm based out of Central Ohio, recently announced the addition of a free podcast to its website, The company stated that it added the podcast as a way to offer free help to individuals and business owners everywhere. In explaining its decision to add the podcast to its website, the company stated that accounting "best practices" are constantly changing, and this podcast offers a free way to connect interested users to the tips and trends in accounting and business consulting.

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. Advises Drivers to Be Careful This Labor Day Weekend

The law firm near Bucks County, PA, Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C., with personal injury and auto accident lawyers on its team, advises those hitting the roads this upcoming Labor Day weekend to keep in mind that the chances of getting into a car accident is still higher than usual.

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. Taking Auto Accident Cases in Pennsylvania This August and September

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C., personal injury and car accident lawyers serving Philadelphia, is a law firm for victims of accidents involving any type of automobile including trucks. They possess almost 40 years of experience representing clients that fell victim to these unfortunate circumstances.

Lukasz Zelezny a Renowned London SEO Expert Acquires SEO.London Domain

Lukasz Zelezny a prominent Social Media speaker and Search Engine Optimization expert is highly delighted to announce that he has successfully acquired the domain. Zelezny's acquisition of SEO.London domain is the next step in the domination of the online marketing space in the United Kingdom. For Zelezny who has lived and worked in London for the last ten years, the acquisition of domain is a natural step towards effective performance and portrays a bright future; however, the final form of what will be launched on domain is not decided yet. Zelezny's acquisition of domain comes on the heels of his acquisition of in December 2015; a domain which is now holding a popular polish social media oriented news portal.

Clear Lake Audio Harnesses the Power of Powersoft OEM for Head-Turning Results

LogoFather and son duo Gerardo Tovar Sr. and Gerardo Tovar Jr. began building amplifiers together at Clear Lake Audio in 2004, setting down roots in Houston, Texas. Shortly after they commenced manufacturing amplifiers based on Tovar Sr.'s designs, they noticed that the market for their technologies was different than what they expected. "We started out designing speakers for conventional live music applications," says Tovar Jr. "but we started to notice that there was much greater demand from churches and houses of worship." Since then they have managed to address the needs of this market while still designing loudspeakers that are perfectly capable of delivering sound for the largest of live music venues. This has all been done with the help of Powersoft amplifier modules.

R&H Machine Has Redefined the Piping Industry with Its Ultimate Connecting Solution

LogoR&H Machine, LLC has announced that they are providing the most efficient safe and reliable pipe connector assemblies called 'SaferUnion' in the industry to prevent some of the biggest safety hazards that plague the piping industry. The efficiency and productivity of oil and gas, chemical production, water processing and other industries depend heavily on their ability to transport fluids through various pipes and the Texas based company machines the intricate parts of the pipe assemblies to solve issues in the oil and gas industry.

Troptions Corporation Executes $1,000,000 Agreement with EarthYellowpages

Troptions Corporation, a trade exchange company transferred TROPTIONS to Inc, a Nevada Corporation, in exchange for advertising one of the companies of SW Innovative Holdings, Inc.

Hydro Tech Power Washing Partners with BizIQ

Hydro Tech Power Washing, a provider of industrial and commercial power washing and painting services, announced today that it has teamed up with BizIQ, a Phoenix, Arizona-based online marketing company that works with small businesses throughout Canada and the United States.

New Kent Island Real Estate Website Launched by Annapolis Realtor Team

The DD McCracken Home Team launches their new web portal to help Annapolis, Kent Island, and Eastern Shore families find their best options to buy and sell real estate.

ProPRcopy Ramps Up Product Description Writing Services

LogoProPRcopy, a copywriting agency that serves businesses and organizations across a broad spectrum of industries throughout North America, is ramping up its product description writing services. Guarantees Value for Money

LogoWhen it comes to buying land lots, Government Auction is without a doubt the best option people have. For nearly a decade, the company has made it easy for real estate investors and even corporates make bids on lots. It boasts of selling more than 24,000 properties, a track record that only a few companies in the real estate industry have. The company's close working relationship with government agencies has ensured that they can easily buy land lots in bulk. They buy real estate from the state mainly through tax lien sales, bankruptcies and liquidation sales. They also purchase lots from estates and trusts.

Valued Global Recruitment Inc. Expanding, Reveals Plans on Opening New Office on West Coast

Following their efficacious and monumental performance results, management recruiters experts at Valued Global Recruitment Incorporated, are expanding. The renowned recruiting company which specializes in placements of prominent executives, is set to open new offices in other cities. The executive search consultants will launch an expansive branch on the California west coast. The announcement is predicated upon the monumental performance output Valued Global Recruitment Inc. wielded in 2016 and 2017. In addition to the west coast, the executive recruitment service experts are set to open numerous new administrative branches. The expansions are being made to ensure superior levels of service are maintained and new clients are supremely accommodated.

ImageFIRST Shares How to Elevate the Patient Experience with Small Changes

Jay Juffre, regional vice president and national service director at ImageFIRST, recently noted the impact that small changes can make on the patient experience in healthcare facilities. Drawing from a recent experience he had while staying at a familiar hotel, he explained how something as simple as changing the name of an associate's role alters their perspective on their job and consequently affects customers' experiences.

DMC Commercial Snow Management Accepting New Clients for Snow Removal During Upcoming Winter

With years of experience in the snow removal business, DMC Commercial Snow Management serves Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding regions. As local weather gradually worsens, DMC readies itself for the worst. When a snowy blizzard hits, they are among the first to take up the call to rescue homes and businesses. Leveraging their resources, they oversee services that include snow plowing, removal, and thawing of ice. Anticipating a mighty fall and winter in 2017, they are contracting with new clients.

BlockRx Announces Powerhouse Partners Before the First Pharmaceutical ICO Offering Hits the Market

LogoBlockRx has announced its partnership with Intel®, one of the world's largest technology companies, and YourEncore, the industry's leading provider of proven expertise in the life sciences market, amidst the launch of its groundbreaking BlockRx Token ICO fundraising campaign, open to the public in September 2017. The BlockRx Token is one of the critical branches of the three-pronged BlockRx Pharma Ecosystem solution alongside iSolve's ADLT™ platform and the Sawtooth Blockchain by Intel.

Transworld M&A in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando FL Paves Way for Better Lead Generation Outsourcing

LogoTransworld M&A Advisors are adept at using the element of business technique, business financial and control interaction with buying, promoting, splitting and mixing different companies and similar agencies in order to help promote and develop a business quickly within the industry or place of beginning, or a new area or new place, without developing an additional child business using a partnership. The difference between a 'merger' and an 'acquisition' has become significantly blurry in various aspects particularly about the greatest financial outcome, although it has not completely vanished in all circumstances.

Transworld M&A Advisors Declare Quality Services from M&A in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando FL

LogoTransworld M&A Advisors continues to perform mid-market transactions for companies valued between $5 million and $ 100 million. With years of experience, insight, and skilled negotiation, the experts can meet specialized needs of their buyers and sellers. Whether they are dealing with buyer or seller, the M & A in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando FL can add significant value to one's transaction by advocating for one's best interests and negotiating the Greatest Value. They also consider the 'Greatest Value' as a unique mix of price, terms and cultural fit between both sides of a transaction.

INTAGENT Launches Website Design and Marketing Services for Realtors

LogoINTAGENT is offering website design and marketing services for real estate agents, real estate brokers and real estate companies. They use the latest web design tools to create brilliant websites and offer exceptional marketing expertise services guaranteed to make the sites they design rank well on search engines. Their services are reasonably priced, and they assure their clients of superior job quality upon completion.

KickCharge Creative Amps Up for Vegas Expo

Fresh off the company's bold new rebranding effort, team members of KickCharge® Creative are hopping a plane to Las Vegas to participate in Service Roundtable's Service World Expo next month.

iBonus Limited Launches CharityiBonus Program to Forever Change How Donors Donate

It was only a matter of time before the digital geniuses of the era came up with a virally philanthropic way to shop. To that end, iBonus Limited announces the launch of the game changer, CharityiBonus. It's the newest way for a donor to effortlessly make a charitable donation by taking it viral; consumers buy and create spin. Sure, going to a participating brick and mortar store and making a purchase that automatically sends money to a favorite charity is handy. So is doing the same via participating online retail platforms. But now, consumers can use the power of social media to both make a donation and take the charity viral at the same time. This is in thanks to the newly created CharityiBonus community crowdfunding platform based on Twitter/Weibo that quantifies benevolence.