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TCCI Manufacturing Compressors Tested in Research and Development Lab

T/CCI provides the industry with the latest in innovative compressor designs, testing, manufacturing, and quality assurance. The state-of-the-art R&D lab and engineering test facility allows for advanced technology solutions to be fully tested. T/CCI's multi-million dollar R & D lab and engineering test facility offer advanced product design and validation capability. Test equipment include a calorimeter with 10 performance test points, five Ransco climatic chambers, eight modern durability stands, thermal shock, noise, dust, and liquid slugging equipment.

PDP Solutions Leads Manufacturing Executives How to Win the Trust of Employees

Employees work harder when they know the boss is trustworthy. PDP Solutions' president, Louise Dickmeyer discussed how manufacturing executives can gain the trust of the employees in the company blog.

Pcdata Helps Vitamin Retailer Expand with Pick-to-Light Operation

LogoMaterial Handling & Logistics magazine reported that Europe's largest retailer of vitamins and herbal food supplements once again chose Pcdata, to modernize and expand their Pick-to-light order handling system at their main UK Burton on Trent distribution center. Nature's Bounty NBTY is a global supplier of nutritional supplements with 650 Holland & Barrett shops in the UK and over 100 De Tuinen stores in the Netherlands. Distribution Director, Mark Kendrick reflected on the excellent service experience they had enjoyed with Pcdata over the years since their first system was installed at the turn of the century. He referred to the NBTY mission statement "highest quality products on time, first time, every time."

Nashville Cosmetic Eyelid Surgeon to Now Offer the Newest Filler, Restylane Silk

Dr. Deborah Sherman, board certified oculofacial plastic surgeon and founder of Sherman Aesthetic Center, located in Nashville, TN, is proud to announce she is now offering a new filler for the treatment of fine lines around the lips called Restylane® Silk.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Creates Educational Resource to Better Serve His Patients

Dr. Pradeep Sinha, double board certified plastic surgeon located in Atlanta, GA, has created this visual infographic on fractional laser resurfacing to give his patients an easy way to digest educational information on this procedure. Realizing information may be better absorbed visually for some; Dr. Sinha has created a library of infographics to support the educational information on his site. Out of the cosmetic procedure series, this infographic is focused specifically on the non-surgical procedure, fractional laser resurfacing.

Digital Nomad Tracy Freese of Strong Estate LLC Gets Top Rated Seller Status from Fiverr

Digital nomad and micro freelancer, Tracy Freese of Strong Estate LLC was named Top Rated Seller on March 30th 2015 by the editors of After one year of high-quality work as a SEO/SMO analyst, Tracy has delighted more than 1500 customers from over 75 countries. Strong Estate LLC provides SEO micro jobs like permanent do follow high authority backlinks and financial content marketing. Tracy's high level of results is what keeps buyers flocking to Strong Estate LLC for all their search engine optimization strategies. Affordable, professional, and able to customize projects Strong Estate LLC easily rises above other Fiverr sellers.

LEM Products Inc. Celebrates Growth by Beginning 2015 with a Kaizen Event

LogoMajor Supply Chains and Corporations across the USA and around the globe continue to discover the value of conducting business with LEM Products Inc.; spurring unprecedented growth for the company. To celebrate the growth of both their company and their clients, the leader in manufacturing quality control labels has begun 2015 with a Kaizen Event.

Virginia Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Acquires Vectra 3D Imaging System

Dr. Gordon Lewis and founder of Lewis Plastic Surgery has acquired the Vectra 3D Imaging Solution for Breast, Body, and Face to assist his patients in viewing the possibilities of their simulated aesthetic procedures. The Vectra 3D imaging system allows Dr. Lewis to engage in an educational consultation with his cosmetic surgery patients by supplying the tools needed to view their three-dimensional images from any angle, zoomed in view, superimposed over the pre-op, comparing them side-by-side or fade between the two.

Monarch Montessori Offering Enrichment Programs to Enrolled Families This Spring

LogoAs an educational community, Monarch Montessori focuses on the processes and philosophies set forth by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1897. With multi-age grouping programs that allow children to maintain the pace of their learning, the school is pleased to announce their enrichment programs are available to enrolled families and children. In addition to their learning development programs that foster a close relationship with head teachers, these enrichment programs assist children in stimulating their knowledge of various skills.

Filmmakers Take Risks with a Controversial Documentary That Blurs the Line Between Science and Spirituality

Brooklyn-based independent filmmakers and husband and wife team, Joal Mejia and Katy Walker, are close to completing a three year project that documents a mysterious phenomenon called synchronicity, first discovered by renowned psychotherapist, Carl Jung. Their documentary film, Time is Art, follows the journey of a writer trying to make sense of the recurring symbols and strange coincidences that she began experiencing after 9/11 and the death of a loved one.

Paid Surveys 2015 Partner Site Reaches 9 Million Milestone on Payouts to Members

Online survey requests are frequent and can often be seen as a hassle, offering little more than a thank you or a prize draw entry. Paid surveys can be hard to come by for those who don't know where to look, but could represent a potential money earner on the side for those who do. Paid Surveys 2015 is a website specializing in connecting individuals with a network of paid surveys from the top market research companies in the world. One of their partner survey sites has just reached a major milestone in securing more than $9 million in payouts for their members.

Minimalist Upcycled Fire Hose Wallet ResQ Wallet Announces Kickstarter Campaign to Come to Market

Many people would agree, they truly need to simplify their bulky wallet. Not only can they be a confusing mess, with too many things being stuffed in them and carried around every day, but they also often look terrible when carried in pants pockets as well. Third generation fireman Jesse Nettles, along with his brother Jason Nettles have come up with an innovative solution to this problem – the ResQ Wallet, and have recently turned to Kickstarter to make it happen. The ResQ Wallet is a minimalist, upcycled wallet made of fire hose – slim, sleek, comfortable and rugged. The early response to the concept has been wildly enthusiastic.

Review Site Launch for VPN Services (TBC) reviews and ranks companies across several industries using weighted criterias. Coming May 1st will be the launch of the VPN review site.This will not only give expert reviews on VPN services but also allows consumers to leave their personal experiences behind as well.

Retouching Academy Releases Version 2.0 of Popular Beauty Retouch Panel for Photoshop

The Retouching Academy launched a major new version of the company's industry-leading Beauty Retouch Workflow Accelerator extension for Adobe Photoshop. Compatible with Photoshop CS6 and CC editions under both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, the extension greatly simplifies the process of retouching digital images taken as part of beauty, portrait, or fashion shoots. The newly released version 2.0 of the Beauty Retouch Workflow Accelerator adds new brush presets, more precise settings for the dodge-and-burn tools, and other useful features.

KDeasy – A New Freeware to Make the Most of Kindle

LogoAt the beginning of April 2015, a free software called KDeasy come to many Kindle users' computer. It breaks people's concepts that a single feature gadget like Kindle doesn't need an assitant toolkit. In fact, all Kindle users can benefits more from the eReader with KDeasy.

Contractor Home Pros Provides 100 Percent Free Construction Job Leads

Contractor Home Pros strives to help home owners and contractors connect, through the use of a directory which is completely free for all parties. With the help of this directory, a home owner may find a contractor in his or her area, read consumer protection guides and more. Contractors may obtain Free Contractor Job Leads also, simply by claiming a free directory listing. Everyone benefits in this situation.

A Place for Writing Different Content and Selling It

There are many passionate writers who require help in completing a work of art and selling it to people across the globe. It requires professionals to achieve the same. Be it coming up with an interesting plot, putting it on paper and publishing and selling it, there are different stages at which the website provides support. Apart from new writers, there are quite a few established ones who have considered the methods mentioned in their pages.

The Pinder Brothers' New 'Melancholy Sea' Makes Waves with Sing-a-Long Melodies & Crafty Alt-Rock Arrangements

The Pinder Brothers may not be the first pair of siblings to proffer an intrinsic fusion of vocal harmonies, but add to the mix crafty sing-a-long melodies and enough of a rock edge to engage the masses. That is the musical mantra of these brothers in arms' third full-length release "Melancholy Sea."

Maid Naturally, a Well Known Cleaning Company in Spokane, Provides Excellent Cleaning Services

Everyone loves living in a clean and fresh environment. But due to extra work, hectic schedules and other factors, people fail to maintain the cleanliness of their home. Maid Naturally, a well-known cleaning company in Spokane, provides excellent cleaning services for both residential as well as commercial properties.

American Corporate Service, Inc. Announces New Vice-President

Dr. Gregory Finkelson, President of American Corporate Services, Inc. announced today that Ms. Shirley Lee has joined the company as Vice-President for Chinese Connections.

Ian C Bouras Puts Together 'Pieces of the Past' - Album

LogoThis week confirmed rumours that Ian C Bouras was releasing a new album named 'Pieces of the Past'. Already causing a buzz online, the New York City musician, producer and guitarist has put together some of his best pieces of the past. This marks the name perfectly for this compilation album.

David Casti - How Techniques of Spiritual Teachers Shared for Generations Arise from Proven Scientific Principles on a Light for the Soul That Weeps on

LogoPsychology has largely concerned itself with how people become injured: mental illness, organic brain dysfunctions, and minor problems of every kind. Recently a new branch of this science has developed studying topics like happiness, creativity, and peak performance. For many of us, the truths and techniques we have been working with in our individual lives -- affirmation, visualization, moving our emotional set-points, cultivating enthusiasm, learning to trust our intuition -- have become the subject of great scientific interest. It will come as little surprise that science is untangling the mysteries of the human brain and how the techniques spiritual teachers have shared for countless generations arise from proven scientific principles. Join us for this exciting conversation, where David Casti and I will discuss some of the most current science relating to common spiritual practices.

Surveys for Money 2015 Launches to Help People Make Money from Their Opinions Online

Earning money online is something almost everyone has heard about but relatively few people manage to achieve. Unfortunately for most, the kind of detailed specialism required in coding or design prevent people from exploiting this virtual goldmine. However, there is a third way. Surveys for Money 2015 are offering people the chance to earn money online just by filling out surveys. The site has just launched with all the information people could need to get started right away.

Mold Remediation Pros Expands to New Locations in Arizona and Missouri

Mold is a serious problem for homes across America, and mold blooms at the change in seasons when humidity and temperature levels vary rapidly. This means there is a current peak in mold activity, leaving homes at risk to spore-releasing mold and damaging mildew that can lead to structural and cosmetic damage and even respiratory problems. Mold Remediation Pros are redoubling their efforts to combat this problem by opening new branches in Arizona and Missouri, to help connect their Pennsylvania, Texas and Ohio branches and provide a nationwide network.

Holistic, Transformative Leadership Through Healing Touch Workshop Featured at Holistic Nurses Conference

LogoThe American Holistic Nurses Association will be hosting a presentation titled "Holistic, Transformative Leadership through Healing Touch" on Friday, June 12, 2015 from 8 am to 11:45 am in Branson, Missouri at its 35th annual conference. This educational workshop will discuss the energy principles and theories of Healing Touch. It will also explain how Healing touch can be used as a tool for compassionate service, transformative change within self, client, families, communities and the health care system. Attendees will learn how to apply Healing Touch in different conditions and situations to create healing and wholeness for self and others.