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Smiles at San Tan Ranch Will Participate in Smiles for Life Fundraising Drive in 2015

Smiling can rarely make everything better, even if it can spread joy for a moment. However, one charity is enlisting the help of dentists to ensure that a great smile can make a real difference in the lives of sick children. Gilbert Family Dentist Smiles At San Tan Ranch has announced their intention to help raise funds for Hope Arising through the popular Smiles for Life national teeth whitening fundraiser. They will offer patients discounted whitening services, and all the proceeds will go directly to children in need locally and around the world.

From a Kansas Town to the Broadway Stage: Angel Reda's Pursuit of Passion on the Business of Living Radio on VoiceAmerica

LogoThe Business of Living: How to Master the Business of Being You with Scott Ventrella is to interview Angel Reda this Saturday, March 21. Angel Reda, successful musical theatric performer, currently starring in Chicago on Broadway, will share insight into her journey to attain her highest career dreams. Reda is to discuss her career from her early experiences as a child star in Kansas to her post-graduate achievements performing in New York City. Reda's unique story will reveal that attaining your highest goal is not as easy as clicking your ruby red slippers three times, but, with a strong will to succeed, reaching "The Emerald City of Oz" is possible.

PhotoCubbies Featured on Wedding Wire and the Knot for Unique Photobooth Provisions

A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple's life together, so it is important to properly commemorate it. In the 21st century, photography has become more democratized than ever, but cell phone photos are rarely of good enough quality to serve as a memoir for life. As such, people turn to photo booth services to help capture the fun of the celebrations after the ceremony. PhotoCubbies offer unique photo booth services around Los Angeles, and has recently been featured in both Wedding Wire and The Knot.

Alameda Dental Care Announces Participation in Smiles for Life Event for Hope Arising

A smile can change a person's life, and having the confidence to smile can transform one's fortunes. As such, dentists care deeply about making a difference in people's lives. Alameda Dental Care is a Tempe Family Dentist offering affordable, high quality and cutting-edge dental care for all the family. They have just announced their participation in a fundraising event for Hope Arising, offering discounted dental whitening services and donating the proceeds to charity.

MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement Wins Axiom Business Book Award

LogoAxiom Business Book Awards has selected MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement, as a Silver Medalist in the operations management/lean/continuous improvement category for their 2015 awards.

North Stapley Dental Care Announces Participation in This Year's Smiles for Life Event

There are few things as upsetting as sick children, and when thinking about them people have little reason to smile. Despite this, the Smiles for Life campaign is asking people to do just that in the name of a good cause. Mesa Family Dentist North Stapley Dental Care has recently announced their intention to offer discounted teeth whitening services to help people get a smile they love. What's more, all proceeds from these procedures will be donated directly to the Smiles for Life campaign.

Kenya Conway-Jones Appears on Chicago's Remarkable Radio Show to Give Life-Changing Advice from Her New Book "Better Than Ever"

LogoTransformational Life Coach, Kenya Conway-Jones was nominated as a Remarkable Expert by a popular Chicago radio show called "Remarkable Radio", which spotlights noteworthy Experts, People, Places, and Things from around the globe and in your town. Conway-Jones appeared on the show to discuss how individuals and businesses can improve their current situations and lives, using principles from her new book titled "Better Than Ever". The show aired on a Saturday afternoon on AM560 The Answer, one of the premier talk stations in Chicago, also home of Hannity and The Dennis Miller Show.

Carbonite Offer Code Published on American Future to Help Save on Backup Plans

In the 21st century, data is getting bigger and bigger. At the same time, devices are getting smaller, thinner and more portable. This leaves people needing a backup storage point for their non-essential data. This backup can be expensive, and if on a home external hard drive, difficult to access on the go. Carbonite offers a solution, with cloud backup services. American Future has just published a coupon code to help people get the very best price on these services, to liberate their data.

Shalimar Family Dentistry to Participate in Smiles for Life Children's Charity Drive

A smile is a powerful thing. It can help people feel more confident, more accepted, and it can make someone feel better when they're down. Now, the power of a smile can even help sick children recover from illness. Tempe Cosmetic Dentist Shalimar Family Dentistry is participating in the Smiles for Life campaign this year, which aims to raise funds for Hope Arising. The drive has so far generated $33 million dollars since 1998 for hundreds of charities, and Shalimar Family Dentistry hopes to use the power of smiles to get children healthy again.

SkyMax Display Technologies Co., Ltd Is a Leading Supplier of LED Boards

LED light is becoming very popular and has a high demand during any sporting event for proper lighting arrangement. SkyMax Display Technologies Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of various LED lighting boards which emits good quality of LED light for the purpose of displaying any items. These display boards serve different purpose for drawing the attention of the spectators and pedestrians. Besides, these display boards are also used in many malls, restaurants and exhibition centres for attracting the spectators. It has a surplus supply of variety of LED sign board for indoor and outdoor purposes. These display boards are available in different models such as P38 outdoor virtual full color LED display, P6 indoor full color LED display and many more. These display boards primarily help to highlight logo and other symbols of any firm, mall, restaurant or any other commercial establishments.

Santa Monica Realtor Diane Dorin Set to Raise $150,000 to Buy a House for Habitat for Humanity

Known as Santa Monica's Neighborhood Real Estate Expert, Diane Dorin of Teles Proprieties is an avid participant of charity events and organizes fundraisers often in her She is now working with a new project with the Habitat for Humanity organization. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that was established in 1976 and to this day, it has been providing housing for families in need. Diane Dorin, with the Personal Best in Intensive Steve Shull and her professional coaching group of 19 members, has been able to collect over three thousand dollars so far.

Verizon FIOS Promotion Code Now Available from the Move Your Money Project Website

Saving money almost always means sacrificing simple pleasures in life. This kind of offsetting however is at odds with modern lifestyles – people simply don't want to sacrifice now for a more comfortable future. Move Your Money Project is a website dedicated to helping people have the best of both worlds. They help people save on their outgoings and financial products so the money saved can be invested wisely. Their latest post is a Verizon FIOS promotion code, helping people save on internet and entertainment.

Bye-Bye to Cassettes & Vinyl: Music Promotion in the Digital Age Has Changed Reports MusicPromoToday

There was a time when self-promotion for the unsigned musician was equivalent to selling cassettes from the back of a modest car. To be sure, it was an expensive ordeal and one that few artists today have experienced. With the coming of the digital age, music promotion has evolved into a global phenomenon, accessible to musicians of all stature. Utilizing social media platforms, unknown artists can now go viral on the web and turn into overnight success stories.

One Love Honeymoons Unveils a Travel Site to Help Couples Plan the Vacation of a Lifetime

One Love Honeymoons is an experienced travel agency with a passion for helping couples put together their ideal destination weddings and romantic getaways. With custom packages suitable for a wide range of budgets and travel tastes, these professionals know how to plan a memorable vacation.

Baanto Unleashes New Website Offering ShadowSense Touch Screen Solutions to a Dynamic Set of Industries

Businesses and consumers have long benefited from the intuitive and innovative solutions available via touch screen technology. From tablets and computers to interactive whiteboards and conference room screens, touch screens have become increasingly pervasive at home, in the office, and in places we visit each and every day.

Electrical Testing Equipment - A Comprehensive Solution for All Electrical Needs

Electrical testing equipment provides safety- the most prime factor

The Most Powerful UFO Film Ever Made

A new documentary film on UFO's has virtually eliminated all arguments against their existence. Writer-Director, Damon T. Berry has unveiled a completely new approach to authenticating UFO existence in his new Documentary Film, "Contact 2014." It is a UFO Documentary like no other, and it raises serious concerns about the overall state of our readiness to confront the reality of the existence of alien life. In the film:"Contact 2014," the common wisdom of both the believers and non-believer alike are completely silenced by the overwhelming evidence that proves that we as humanity just aren't intelligent enough to see what is happening to us every day.......Alien Contact.

Bacon Offensive to Muslims – Vermont Restaurant Removes Ad Under Pressure

Every so often someone will make the point that Americans shouldn't really care what the NSA is doing; after all, they give everyone full access to their "private" lives through social media. To the same degree, I wonder sometimes if we would really care if the federal government started cracking down on our 1st amendment rights, removing any speech that could be construed as offensive to any group larger than, say, fifteen people. Would people reserve the right to complain, given how readily they forsake it in the absence of force?

Custom Lawn Care Services from Red Carpet Landscaping

Lawn Fertilization Services, Weed Control, Organic Mosquito Control and Many More. Lush green lawns are always attractive and many homeowners do all that they can to keep it that way. However, maintaining that kind of a lawn needs a lot of time and effort.

Earth's Best Pest Control Launches Twenty Five Dollar Coupon on Services for Limited Time Only

Life is a tricky force to try and cultivate. Many people love the richness of life when it comes to plants and pets, but not when it comes to insect infestations. However, to get in between the natural order like this often requires unnatural solutions- noxious gasses and aerosols that can be harmful to children, pets, and plants themselves. Earth's Best offers an alternative, with specially cultivated, naturally derived pesticide solutions. They are currently offering an exclusive coupon offer on their unbeatable pesticide services.

EarnbyCPA Offers the Website Owners Guaranteed on-Time Money from Traffic

Looking to earn money from traffic? Earning money from traffic is easy nowadays. One can earn money from various sources online. People who are looking for earning money online can come to EarnbyCPA one of the leading online advertising agencies helps individual to earn money in different ways like from impression, a click, a form submission such as, contact request, sign up registration etc. and also from the advertisers. Generally advertisers will pay for each of the mentioned tasks done by an individual. Now an individual can think what the CPA is? Or, what exactly is a Cost-Per-Action Network?

Dawn Bennett, Host of Radio Show "Financial Myth Busting," Interviews Jack Shafer, Psychologist, Professor & Former FBI Special Agent

BENNETT: Jack Schafer is a psychologist, professor, intelligence consultant and former FBI special agent. He spent 15 years conducting counter-intelligence and counterterrorism investigations, as well as 7 years as a behavioral analyst for the FBI's National Security division. Jack has recently come out with the new book, The Like Switch: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Influencing, Attracting, and Winning People Over, which, he believes, will teach readers how to improve their likability and spot lies both in person and online. Jack, welcome to Financial Myth Busting.

#1 Bestseller by Ravinder Tulsiani Nominated for Small Business Book Awards

Leadership Expert Ravinder Tulsiani announced that his business book, 'Your Leadership EDGE: Mastering Management Skills for Today's Workforce', has been nominated for the 2015 Small Business Book Awards in the category of Management.

Dream Credit Restoration Launched 90 Day Credit Challenge with a Prize of Five Hundred Dollars

A new competition has been launched to make people aware of how important it is to improve their credit rating. The competition will also help people learn what tools are available to improve their credit scores to help them have a more positive future when it comes to financial matters.