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First Annual River of Music Festival in High River

LogoThe first annual River of Music festival is taking place Saturday, May 16th, following the Little Britches Parade! Restoring the true heart, spirit and soul of music, High River hopes to make this a reoccurring annual event that will boost the town and its surrounding areas community spirit!

Michael Roberts of Rexxfield Catches Murder Fugitive for U.S Marshals

Rexxfield is a digital investigation and online reputation repair company headed by Michael Roberts. Michael is a journalist, licensed private detective and a social justice activist specializing in Digital & Social Forensics. Recently Michael worked in a joint task force team with US Marshals to apprehend a murder fugitive, who had been on the run in connection with the murder of Luis R. Rodriguez, on June 21, 2013.

Global Rollout of LabStyle Innovations' Dario Diabetes Management Platform Brings $12 Billion Market Into the Digital Age

Israel–based LabStyle Innovations Corp. (DRIO) combines a smart phone with the need to manage a disease that is reaching epidemic proportions – namely diabetes – and what you get? A block buster product that is simple and elegant that uses the patients' own smart phone to monitor and manage diabetes.

Study Finds Association Between Lack of Sleep and Pain Among Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers

Sleep is probably one of the things that many people value the most but don't get enough of. Sleep is especially important to human health, and this is why doctors always recommend that people should strive to have a good quality sleep.

TelcoDepot to Release Specialized Article on Allworx Phone System Software

LogoNew York City phone system provider TelcoDepot will publish on Monday, April 13th a blog post explaining how to use the Allworx Computer Phone System Software to enhance customer's experience. On their newest blog entry TelcoDepot will share detailed information such as capabilities, usage, benefits and more about the Allworx Phone System Software.

My Wallet Ltd. Is Now Buying Bitcoins with 10% More Than Market Value

My Wallet Ltd is pleased to announce a highly competitive offer for Bitcoin purchases. Beginning March 15th , 2015 and valid until May 23rd, 2015, My Wallet Ltd. is buying Bitcoin, offering 10% more than the market trading price on BitStamp for purchases of maximum 50 BTC and a negotiated higher percent for amounts exceeding 50 BTC.

LGI Transport, LLC, Now Offering 20-Ft. Storage Containers

LGI Transport, LLC, knows that its customers need more than a one size fits all solution for their storage and shipping needs. Their clients, whether homeowners in need of personal storage or international shipping companies, need a variety of options in order to address their storage and shipping needs. For the added convenience of customers who need flexible storage options, LGI Transport, LLC, now has 20- foot long storage containers for sale.

Open Aire Affairs Announces Graeme Park Open House Dates

For beautiful outdoor wedding locations in the Philadelphia area area, couples turn to Open Aire Affairs to reserve the venues of their dreams. Couples looking for a rustic, historic wedding location in Bucks County will be pleased to know that Open Aire Affairs has announced its 2015 open house dates for Graeme Park.

Universal Business Structured Solution Announces Unsecured Business Loans Available This Spring

LogoFor many people, starting a small business is a costly endeavor. Also, even though some individuals have the cash to back their business venture in the beginning, most do not realize that it takes time–often a year or more, for them to see any return on investment. Instead of contemplating over whether or not to sell, business owners can opt for an unsecured business loan. In fact, Universal Business Structured Solution, a company that specializes in offering business financing services and solutions, is pleased to announce that they are offering unsecured business loans this spring.

Novel Pancreatic Cancer Drug May Also Serve as an Arsenal Against the Accumulation of Malignant Ascites Fluid – A Condition Affecting Many Cancer Patients

Ascites is the buildup of fluid in the abdominal cavity that occurs in patients with certain diseases. Ascites caused by cancer is called malignant ascites and accounts for 10% of people with ascites. Malignant ascites appears most often in people with breast, colon, liver, gastrointestinal tract (stomach and intestines), and ovarian, pancreatic, and uterine cancers.

InTouch Launches Latest Functionality Improvements to Address Growing CRM Prominence

Statistics reveal building strong customer relationships can increase a company's revenue by more than 40 percent per sales associate. This comes as no surprise to prominent system development team InTouch who focus on providing low cost CRM and email marketing solutions for small businesses. In light of the growing dependence on the effectiveness of such systems, spokesperson Greg Black has launched the company's latest system functionality improvements.

Part-Exchange Values Increase as Used Car Market Improves as Per Manheim UK Statistics

Used car dealerships are making more money from part-exchange vehicles as British buyers prepare for the summer with fresh purchases.

The XS Publishing Just Released Today the New Advertising Campaign for the Editoriale Italiano Magazine

Editoriale Italiano is the only italian magazine that is part of the London based publishing company and they really wanted to change the way the news are managed.

Village Catering Announces BBQ Catering Services Available for Outdoor Events Planned This Spring

LogoPlanning an outdoor family gathering this spring? How about a corporate picnic? Those who are looking to plan a mid to large outdoor event this spring and are in need of a caterer can turn to Village Catering. In fact, this Philadelphia-based catering company is pleased to announce that they are now taking clients who are in need of BBQ catering services for their outdoor event planned this spring.

SuperHero Life Insurance Comparison Tool Helps to Reduce Insurance Prices

With the troubled economic climate, it is important to be more careful with one's money than ever before. But according to research, although people are careful with their everyday living costs, they are throwing money away on expensive Life Insurance cover.

Express Water, Best RO System Manufacturers, Now Offering RO System Products at the Most Effective Prices

Maintaining their top position as one of the leading RO System Manufacturers & Suppliers, Express Water is now offering a range of RO system products at the most effective prices. The wide range of products that they are offering include Sediment filter, Sediment 1 Micron and much more. Being a reputed RO system Suppliers, the range of products that they provide are utilized for getting filtered water, which is safe and healthier for an individual's health. The company supplies RO System products that give optimum health benefits to its users.

Trading Street Magazine Questions US Stock Market New Highs

Market analytics has never been easy requiring both exceptional knowledge of many participating factors as well as a keen sense of future events. Countless market participants attempt to make market predictions using sophisticated algorithms. While this does give some advantage it can still involve a great deal of interpretation by the analyst.

Pronto and Carpet LLC, NC Charlotte Carpet Cleaner, Now Offers Impeccable Carpet Cleaning Services

Clean and beautiful carpets contribute majorly to the décor of your house. It makes the house look impressive and gives a warm and cozy look to the whole interior. But, sometimes, cleaning these huge and heavy carpets single-handedly can be a tiring task. That's why Pronto and Carpet, NC Charlotte carpet cleaner is now offering impeccable carpet cleaning services. All of the services that are provided by the company are handled by their professional team of cleaners. Their services can be availed for residential as well as commercial purposes. They provide a deep-cleaning, giving a fresh and new look to the whole house.

Liberty Technology Solutions Is Servicing and Installing Cabling and VoIP Systems This Spring

Liberty Technology Solutions is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based organization providing a wide variety of commercial IT services around South Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For 2015, they are providing installation and servicing for cabling and Voice over IP (VoIP) systems for new and returning clientele around Philadelphia and South Jersey.

The Bailey Agency Announces Sale on Marketing Services Nationwide

LogoThe Bailey Agency announced today special discount pricing on their standard press release package, for a limited time. Their "Ultimate Business Special" offers a discounted pricing on their standard press release distribution package. The Bailey Agency is a public relations and marketing firm that specializes in building brand awareness while providing maximum exposure for clients from small business to large corporate businesses. The firm has announced today that they are offering their Standard press release distribution package at more than 30 percent off, for a limited time, through May 31, 2015.

TCCI Solution Eliminates Thermal Migration in Desert Climates

Thermal Migration is a condition by which refrigerant moves statically throughout a refrigeration system due to changes in the climatic conditions. The nature of the refrigerant is such that it will always flow to the coldest area and since conditions are static and the refrigerant has density then gravity has a minor influence. In most instances some or all of the following conditions must be met to create this undesirable condition:

Industry-Based Certifications Work when Manufacturing CEOs Communicate with Plant Floor Workers

PDP Solutions supports various certification programs, yet recognizes that workers much return from these program and be supported with encouraging communication on the part of the C-level executives.

Record Attendance at ProMat 2015 Made Pcdata USA Number 1 Pick to Light Solution

LogoPcdata USA had more booth traffic than ever before at ProMat 2015, making the company the number one Pick-to-light solution in the entire material handling sector. Attendance was in record numbers at McCormick Place South.

New Self-Stabilizing Truck by Magline at BevOps Fleet Summit in Two Weeks

LogoMagline, Inc., manufacturers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, will provide demos of the new Self-Stabilizing hand truck at the BevOps/Fleet Summit 2015 from April 21-24, 2015. The show will be at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Matt Farris Hytrol Director Business Development Praises Minnesota Integration Partner Skarnes

Matt Farris, Hytrol's Director of Business Development, commented, "Skarnes has been a Hytrol Integrator for over 50 years. We have worked hand-in-hand with them for many years and have developed a true partnership that has paid dividends to our end-users. They have a well trained staff that can provide problem solving solutions to their customers while providing a personalized service level. We are proud to be associated with them and look forward to many more successful years together."