Latest News Inc. Is a Finalist for the 2015 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award

The start-up company Inc. announced today it has been selected as a Finalist for Red Herring's Top 100 Europe award, a prestigious list honoring the year's most promising private technology ventures from the European business region.

Abhinam Yoga Center Announces Teacher Training Course 2015 Schedule in Dharamsala, India

Abhinam Yoga Center, Dharamsala India is organizing 200 hr and 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training courses (YTTC) in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The program entails three separate batches running through the period of May 2015 till September 2015. Students can learn yoga under the mentorship of experienced and certified yoga instructors and practice it in the tranquil environment of Himalayas and become teachers of Yogic Art of Living.

UK's Aintree University Hospital Joins Cel-Sci's Phase III Head and Neck Cancer Trial

CEL-SCI Corporation today announced that Aintree University Hospital, in Liverpool, England, has become a clinical site for the Company's global pivotal Phase III head and neck cancer trial for its investigational immunotherapy Multikine* (Leukocyte Interleukin, Injection). This is the first center to join the Multikine Phase III study in the UK.

Avaatar Astrology Offering Best Astro Services in Delhi NCR

Being at the right place at the right time is not a matter of luck but, a matter of careful planning. Horoscope plays an important role in this context more so when it comes to important life events such as marriage, job interview, international travel, birth of a child and so on.

HELLOPEOPLE Released Its First Freeware Mobile App Suite for Restaurants

HELLOPEOPLE (Perth, Australia), a leading iOS and Android mobile application developer, announced its freeware POS Mobile App solution for the restaurant industry. Mobile apps are the least understood segment of the small and mid-size restaurant industry when it comes to performance gains and service delivery. Not surprisingly, HelloPeople's study found that 8 out of every 10 apps need training and investment.

Coops and Cages Says No to Canine Influenza

LogoBased on a recent news from Chicago (March 30, 2015), canine influenza is striking hundreds of dogs. It was reported that within a week, there were already more than 70 dogs that are afflicted with this disease. According to Natalie Marks, veterinarian of the Blum Animal Hospital, canine influenza is all over the land of Chicago and there were already some fatalities recorded.

Global Marketing Director for TCCI Manufacturing Discusses Changing Role of Women in Manufacturing

Kara Demirjian Huss, Vice President and Global Marketing Director for T/CCI Manufacturing, was featured in Quality Digest in the first of a series of articles highlighting women leaders in manufacturing. Industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, authored the article titled, "Room at the Top," which examined women in manufacturing leadership roles.

Manufacturing Leaders Having Trouble Influencing the Workforce

In business today, effective influence is essential. Manufacturing executives want their ideas implemented yet lack skillsets to influence others to act on them. To be an effective leader manufacturers must be able to influence others. In all respects, being able to influence others is the ultimate power tool. Corroborated in "Influence: The Ultimate Power Tool," Dr. Robert Cialdini of Influence at Work provides the six proven universal principles of persuasion that can influence others to change their behavior: Reciprocity, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Liking, and Social Proof.

Sophisticated Labor-Planning and Optimization Systems on Plant Floor Essential

LogoIn a recent issue of Picking Perfection newsletter, sponsored by Pcdata USA, trends impacting the popularity of various product picking tools used to increase efficiency were profiled. The article noted that warehouse-management system (WMS) software has been around for a long time. Still, companies have been reluctant to incorporate engineered labor standards into their distribution-center operations. Only 18 to 21 percent of the market has adopted true engineered-labor programs.

Celebrated Photographer Relaunches Website

Jose Tan, a celebrated fashion and advertising photographer, currently in transit abroad, has relaunched a collection of personal favorites alongside some of his most recognizable work. Located at, the updated website and portfolio reflects the diversity of his clients and the depth of his professional range.

Breaking Down Barriers; Lead Bank's New Branch Will Start Conversations with the KC Crossroads

LogoLead Bank, an 86-year-old, locally owned financial institution, dedicated to the needs of small businesses and their families, is excited to announce the opening of their third retail banking location this summer. Located at the corner of 19th and Main, in the heart of the dynamic KC Crossroads District, this interactive and non-traditional three-story, 28,000 square foot workspace will be a significant addition to the neighborhood, one that was specifically designed to celebrate what makes Kansas City and all those who live, work, play and conduct business here, so great.

Hytrol Conveyor Company Integration Partner Conveyor Handling Company Benefits Maryland Customers

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions attributes the integration partner network critical to the company's success.

MyCampusDoc Enables Members to Use All Health and Lifestyle Related Services and Discounts for a Low Monthly Fee

MyCampusDoc partners with Telehealth doctors, which are available 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year to prescribe by phone treatment for many common conditions. These include conditions such as a cold, respiratory infections, poison ivy, flu, bronchitis, sinus problems, pink eye, ear infections and more. Launches New Online Auction Vertical, a review site that has already reviewed over 1,000 companies, is pleased to announce that it has recently launched a new vertical that reviews online auctions.

Bastian Solutions Talks About iHerb E-Fulfillment Center Utilization of Latest Automation Technologies

System Integration News, a weekly e-newsletter, sponsored by Bastian Solutions brings important and interesting information to those in the material handling, automation, goods-to-person systems, wearable AR technology, supply chain software, and robotics industries. From best practices to industry data, this weekly communique reports trend data, process improvement, and technology evaluations and profitability.

Chorus Communications Presenting "Who's Who in Technology" in Philadelphia This April

LogoIn a highly anticipated event, Chorus Communications has partnered with Metrospect events to present the annual Who's Who in Technology this April. Taking the theme of "Let Technology Ring," attendees will learn and network with leaders in the industry while experiencing presentations from the most innovative technological solution providers. The event is taking place at The Liberty Ballroom at The Independence Visitors Center on Thursday, April 30. Attendance is by invite only, so those interested are encouraged to contact the company in advance of the event.

Luxury Lifestyle Vacations to Offer Clients Exceptional Travel Experiences

The Luxury Lifestyle Vacations can fulfill clients' desire for unrivalled cruising and traveling. For those who plan of traveling in August and take advantage of the good weather, the Baltic Sensuell is a timely offer. This is something that travelers should not miss. This is a great travel opportunity that gives travelers the chance to experience 10 days of nonstop parties.

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist as Special Guest on "From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: The Protocol Praxis with Suzanne Z. Pedro" on the

LogoHost Suzanne Z. Pedro is celebrating her One Year Anniversary of "From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: the Protocol Praxis with Suzanne Z. Pedro" on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment channel. For this special episode, she is very excited to welcome famed Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Steve G. Jones as her special guest on the weekly radio show. Dr. Steve is the author of 25 books on such topics as hypnosis, the law of attraction, and weight loss.

The Haute Living Real Estate Network Creates a Gateway for High End Properties

Haute Residence, part of the Haute Living Real Estate Network, is a website designed to showcase only those hand selected properties that best represent estates and properties that will are not only gorgeous and luxurious, but also in regions and communities where the property value will appreciate. These homes and parcels have all been reviewed and selected by the top real estate experts for their aesthetics, location, and market value. The website showcases various properties each month that the experts at Haute Living believe will gather attention for its value, luxury, or uniqueness. You might want to check out the Scottsdale, Arizona Real Estate showcased by Haute Residence.

The Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto Offers Legal Representation by the Best DUI Attorney in NJ

Having established their name as the most formidable DWI defense firm in New Jersey, the Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto offer legal representation by the Best DUI Attorney in New Jersey. Carrying no motor vehicle insurance is regarded as a serious motor vehicle violation in New Jersey. To fight this charge, individuals can rely on the experience of Attorney Baffuto. Furthermore, this reputed and dedicated law firm defends DUI, motor vehicle and criminal cases in all 21 counties in New Jersey, so clients can retain top legal representation state wide.

Dr. Eddie Longman Offers Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

LogoNot long ago, patients with missing teeth had only a few options for restoration, which included bridges or dentures. With advancements in dentistry, a new method of replacing missing teeth is now available—dental implants. This has allowed Dr. Eddie Longman of Alexandria Old Town Dental to restore the beauty and function of his patients' smiles.

ATD-AMERICAN Introduces New STEM-Friendly Education Catalog

LogoATD-AMERICAN is pleased to announce the publication of their 2015 Education Catalog with new features for schools using a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum.

BatteryClerk Features Complimentary Shipping on Orders Exceeding $99

BatteryClerk provides their clientele with high quality lead-acid and lithium batteries in wholesale, frequently offering volume discounts on large purchases. They are currently announcing that clients placing orders exceeding $99 will receive complimentary shipping. BatteryClerk offers an extensive selection of batteries in different styles, sizes and uses.

Sclerotherapy to Treat Spider Veins in Legs Is Explained by Dr Barry Lycka & Karen Whitney

LogoSclerotherapy is the name of the treatment given to get rid of spider veins in legs, where a solution is injected into troublesome veins to make them shrivel and ultimately be absorbed by the body so that they disappear. A greater level of scientific knowledge and understanding has developed over the last ten years or so regarding spider veins and how best to treat them. And due to its specialized nature, it is often a procedure that is referred to expert Sclerotherapists to treat.

Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky P.C. Provide Qualified Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky P.C. or SMBB, is a legal group with offices operating out of Philadelphia, Media and Norristown, PA as well as Marlton, NJ. For 2015, SMBB is offering fully-qualified medical malpractice attorneys for individuals suffering from medical negligence in and around Philadelphia, PA and New Jersey.