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Smith and Company Extends Epoxy Flooring Services to Food and Beverage Clients

Smith and Company Painting, one of the state's top paint, coating, and finishing specialists, announced that the company is extending its epoxy floor coating services to clients in the food and beverage industry. Smith and Company's epoxy coatings are a natural fit for the food and beverage industry, as they offer long-wearing, easy-to-clean performance that can improve efficiency and safety. Smith and Company offers a wide range of epoxy formulations to suit different food and beverage industry needs, from commercial kitchen floors to bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Life Science Publishing Launches New Website

Throughout history, people have found pleasure and medicinal value in smelling certain aromas. In the last couple of decades, the deliberate act of surrounding one's self with carefully chosen scents has evolved into what is now viewed as one of the healing arts. People today recognize that specific aromas and combinations of aromas, found in essential oils, have therapeutic properties, promote wellness, and help people from every walk of life soothe, awaken and/or balance both body and mind.. Life Science Products and Publishing, provider of unique aids for use with essential oils, has launched a new website to support not only users of essential oils, but also essential oil distributors, and in particular, distributors of Young Living Essential Oils.

Loya & Associates Launches Important New Workplace Hazard Awareness Campaign

Loya & Associates, one of the state's leading legal practices, kicked off a new campaign focusing on fire and electrical hazards in the workplace. With petroleum extraction and refining being a key part of Texas's economy, thousands of workers every year fall prey to these dangers while on the job, and the new Loya & Associates initiative is meant to spread awareness of this important issue. With offices in Dallas and Houston, Loya & Associates is one of the state's leading personal injury and employment law practices, and the extensive collective expertise of the Loya Law attorneys will help to make the campaign a success.

Sleeping Angels – A Trustworthy, Caring and Efficient Nanny Placement Agency

Many parents and working couples have a tough time searching for the perfect nanny or a childcare professional. It is because they have to be satisfied with a lot of things especially when it comes to leaving the child and the home with a total stranger. Parents can now relax and leave the work of finding a nanny finding to one of the most trustworthy agencies, Sleeping Angels Co. This agency is proud to have paired many families with the best childcare professionals in Los Angeles, California. The experts here guide the parents throughout the process right from interviewing to hiring a qualified childcare professional.

Skyrocketing Water Damage Claims Prompt Plumber Toronto to Launch Latest Helpful Tips

Recently released statistics indicate 40 percent of Canadian homeowner's insurance claims are prompted by water damage with Ontario experiencing the nation's second highest uptick in such claims at 136 percent over the last 10 years. With springtime approaching, heavy showers and melting snow promise to add to these totals just as the number of service calls elicited by frozen pipes begins to taper. In light of this development, Ben Flagg of Plumber Toronto has launched the company's latest loss-reducing tips for area home and business owners.

Tiller Web Design Offers a Free Marketing Consultation for Clients

Tiller Web Design, a Des Moines SEO provider, offers a free online marketing consultation with comprehensive research along with an in-depth online marketing services blueprint to assist clients in moving their business forward. The company examines a client's website and online presence and their keywords and rankings to determine where changes need to be made. With the help of the consultation, client's learn exactly where they stand and where they need to go.

Chronic Prostatitis and Its Symptoms Like Burning Sensation During Urination Get Radical Cure with Herbal Medicine Within About Several Months, States Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic

LogoAccording to a report released by America's Centres for Disease Control, it is estimated that a great number of American men suffer from chronic prostatitis, and they have symptom of burning sensation during urination. This symptom is one of the most common symptoms of chronic prostatitis that prevent many prostatitis patients from enjoying their life delightfully.

Digital Forensics Expert SunBlock Systems Releases Engrossing New Case Studies

SunBlock Systems, a world leader in digital forensics and discovery and IT consulting, published a new set of case studies at the company's website. The new reports cover everything from the company's assistance with unraveling a small-business collusion case to a look at its help with a pair of high-profile government investigations, including providing expert testimony at trial. They thereby display the power and flexibility of SunBlock Systems' industry-leading digital forensics and discovery services, showing how the company's experts can help clients deal with many of the most potentially costly hazards of the digital age.

AAA Storage Launches Extended Storage Solutions in Light of Local Population Surge

Recent census bureau statistics indicate numerous areas in Texas are among the fastest growing in the nation with a populace surge of more than 21,000 per year in Austin alone. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. In an effort to help accommodate the spacial needs of the growing population, Dal Anderson of AAA Storage has launched the company's newly extended line of storage solutions.

Optimize Legal Costs Solutions Announce New Website to Improve Accessibility for Their Clients

The new website enables clients to easily view information about Optimize Legal Costs on any device and makes getting in contact with the company a far easier process.

Missionsmindedmedia Launched a Nonprofit Media Campaign for Any Firm Aiming to Make It Big

Eventually there is this media agency that helps any local broadcaster get a ranking they are dreaming of. This agency does all the work that a good media agency is required to do in the world of broadcasting. Armed with expert professionals who have years of experience in media marketing, this agency has all the package for any kinds of projects. The distinctive feature about this media agency is that they focus very less on the profits and their clients can rest assured to get a good deal in terms of service charges.

Mercury Well Control Hires Former NASA Trainer

Mercury Well Control (MWC) is pleased to announce the hiring of Isaac Q Mensah as our Training Manager. Isaac comes to Mercury Well Control with 7 years of experience at NASA in robotics training, working with over 80 astronauts and overseeing 3 flights. He was crucial in helping the astronauts train to live and work in the most unforgiving of environments. Prior to that, he spent 4 years at NASA as a cooperative education student and 2 years as an intern at NASA in Virginia before moving to Houston.

Psychoeducational Wellness Program for People with Multiple Sclerosis Featured in International Journal of MS Care

The recently released issue of the International Journal of MS Care (IJMSC), the leading peer-reviewed publication on multidisciplinary multiple sclerosis (MS) care and clinical research, features an article on "Development and Effectiveness of a Psychoeducational Wellness Program for People with Multiple Sclerosis." This pilot study by Kimberly Beckwith McGuire, PhD, ABPP, MSCS, FACHP, Jelena Stojanovic-Radic, PhD, Lauren Strober, PhD, Nancy D. Chiaravalloti, PhD, and John DeLuca, PhD, ABPP, found that a psychoeducational wellness program is an effective supplement to traditional medical management to improve the overall quality of life (QOL) and well-being of individuals with MS.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Offering Home Based Business Opportunities

Seth Jorgenson is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers people looking for a new way to make money without having to work for large businesses and corporations with a chance to break away from this and start building online and home based businesses. The website offers training courses and business opportunities that these people can use to help them make money and build a better life. Jorgenson was inspired to start his website by his own experience with trying to start his own online business. He started his website to help other people become more successful and live more fulfilled lives.

Focus Production on Vineyard Weddings: A Relaxing Wedding Idea That Captures the Earthly Vibe of Spring

LogoAs the Spring season flaunts its earthly beauty with the blooming of flowers that includes roses, daffodils, tulips, chrysanthemums, lilies, daisies and orchids in various provinces of Canada, it's not surprising that Spring is the best season for weddings. And with the parade of colors and earthly scents that highlights the season, more and more couples are encourage to have their wedding in this season as vineyard weddings becomes the new black for a momentous celebration of a lifetime.

Recent NHTSA Study Reveals: Drunk Drivers More Prone to Car Accidents Than Stoned Drivers

LogoA recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration towards car accident risks between stoned and drunk drivers have revealed that drivers under the influence of alcohol are most likely to experience car accidents seven times higher than those drivers who have used marijuana while driving.

The Law Offices of Robert Dodson, P.A. Towards Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse: Radical Action and Report Transparency as a Must to Protect Elderly Citizens

LogoThe elderly citizens are the very heart of the population that needs to be taken good care because of their frailty to resist any threats that they might encounter if they're alone and away from their families. As much as possible, their loved ones look for the best nursing home with friendly and accommodating staffs that will attend to every need of the elderly until they got better. Yet, seeing the conditions of many elderly in nursing homes today seems to be alarming and disturbing that attorneys in Columbia SC are now in doubt if such facilities are still the best place for many elderly that are often neglected and abuse but were not able to complain due to some health issues.

Northeast College Planning Announces Free College Financial Planning Night for Parents

Northeast College Planning announces a free event for parents, who have children in high school and would like to learn more about how to finance their college education. The College Financial Planning Night will take place on March 24, 2015, starting from 7PM till 8PM at Worcester Technical High School in Worcester, MA.

Revolutionary Employee Exit Survey with Predictive Analytics Helps Employers Learn Why Employees Leave

One of the biggest challenges a company has to face is a high turnover of employees. When a company has a high turnover it can have a serious affect on their business. With the cost of advertising for replacements and training them, and the effect it has on a business when an important role is vacant, it is important to solve that problem. Thanks to the Revolutionary Employee Exit Survey, business leaders can learn why Employees leave so they can learn how to keep hold of key players and reduce the cost of replacing them.

Sterling Trustees Defines Importance of Independence for Corporate Trustee Services in 2015

Sterling Trustees is a well-respected South Dakota-chartered trust company located in Sioux Falls, SD. The firm provides independent trust management services to clients in the United States and internationally.

Announcing the Launch of Injury Compensation NI, Top Source for Personal Injury Help

The operators of Injury Compensation NI announced that the new online service has launched and is now available for use. Injury Compensation NI takes the complexity out of pursuing compensation for personal injuries in Northern Ireland, giving victims a simple, online way to easily schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a highly qualified solicitor. The new site also contains a wealth of accessible informational resources that should be considered required reading for everyone in this situation.

Top Five Museums in Spain 2015

LogoA recent article by the Spanish newspaper The Barcelona Reporter highlighted a 2014 poll of tourists to Spain and their view of the most popular destinations. Here we pick the top 5 museums to visit in 2015, based on the results of the 2014 survey.

BOXS Creators Launch IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoBOXS is a simple room solution that combines the best properties of a sturdy container with the flexibility and mobility of a tent.  Robust and stable as well as durable, these unique products create new solutions for housing challenges around the world.  BOXS is simple to assemble and move, making them the perfect solution for situations in which a high level of flexibility and modularity is required.  Now, the creators of BOXS have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to produce these unique pieces and distribute them wherever they are needed throughout the world.

Explore Rustic Rajasthan with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

LogoRajasthan- The house of royalty, "the land of Princes", a whimsical, mystical land famous for its rich vibrant heritage and traditions ,dotted with magnificent palaces and formidable forts, a labyrinth of colorful bazaars and historic sights, golden sand dunes and placid azure lakes.

PFree the Natural Hemorrhoid Solution Creates New Piles Symptoms Editorial to Help Identify Hemorrhoids Early

Hemorrhoids are a common but debilitating condition, and when chronic can require surgery to be dealt with. This is painful and invasive, and many people wish to prevent, treat and eliminate piles rather than undertake such an operation. PFree have created a natural hemorrhoid remedy based on Ayuverdic medicine, to help people do just that. What's more, they have recently published a guide to help people identify hemorrhoids before their flare up in earnest, helping to save people from days or weeks of discomfort.