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Women Engineer Aiming to Become Miss World Canada 2015

Shruti Kapoor is a proud New Delhi born Canadian citizen contesting for the Miss World Canada 2015 crown in May 2015. She moved to Canada along with her family in 2009 with high ambitions and dreams. In a short amount of time, she managed to gain a degree in Computer Engineering from the prestigious University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She has been very active in promoting role of women in the field of engineering by participating in the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, the world's largest professional association. While being interviewed by Asian Entrepreneur, she said, "I want to show the world that if a woman in engineering like me can excel at the academics and beauty pageant, then many other women can do so as well."

Ultriva Agrees with Gartner Survey Reporting That SaaS Deployments Are Mission Critical

LogoUltriva examines the cause of forecast errors each week. Forecast Errors, a weekly e-newsletter, sponsored by Ultriva, Inc. shares methods, modes, and tools used to inform manufacturers of forecast errors faced on the manufacturing floor, with a variety of supply chain industries. The newsletter explores forecast errors as the difference between the actual and predicted value. In the current issue, Forecast Errors reviewed what separates best-in-class companies from those firms which struggle with accuracy. Updates Third Vertical This Year (BDC) updated the criteria and scoring for its debt consolidation companies. This criteria overhaul is the third one completed this year.

Improper Refrigerant Charging Procedures Lead to Compressor Failure

At T/CCI performance and durability count. Customers rely on T/CCI compressors to keep their vehicles running and their operators comfortable, even in the toughest environments. When a customer experiences issues with their compressor, it is T/CCI's commitment to fully investigate the situation and offer solutions that will keep everyone up and running.

Louise Dickmeyer Helps Manufacturing Leaders Onboard Employees with Better Communication Techniques

From the first day every new employee who joins a manufacturing company is an opportunity to the C-level executives to build rapport, connection, and communication. From the first day new manufacturing employees start on the job, they begin to make judgments about the company, their manager, their peers, and the job they have been hired to do. Too many first days are wasted days with new employees sitting around doing nothing while they wait for their managers to pay attention to them. According to Louise Dickmeyer, President of PDP Solutions, there are effective ways to on-board a plant floor worker without them feeling overwhelmed and it starts with leadership communication. Often they are funneled into half-hearted orientation programs and bombarded with information overload. PDP Solutions revamps the communication strategy of manufacturing leaders from day 1 of a new worker joining the firm.

Order Fulfillment Requires Accurate Picking According to Pcdata USA News Picking Perfection

LogoOrder fulfillment requires accurate picking. Reducing the time it takes to get an order to a customer's home and replenish its stores is every company's desire, but while faster fulfillment and small order sizes make customers, and store managers happy, faster fulfillment comes at a cost reported Russ Meller in Supply Chain 24/7. The bar has been raised. Almost every company is working to reduce the time it takes to get an order to a customer's home or to its stores. They are following Amazon's lead in offering next-day, and even same-day delivery. A recent survey showed that 65 percent of buyers want next-day delivery. And another survey showed that 24 percent of online buyers said same-day delivery was important to them.

Country Music Hitman, Tony Brown Shares Four Decades of Digital Content

This past week marked the launch of, which covers Country Music Hitman, Tony Brown's, extensive book of musical work, and allows visitors to take a digital journey through four decades of his produced hits.

Magline Newsletter Delivering Excellence Talks Value of Ergonomics to Avoid Workers Comp Injuries

LogoMagline's Delivering Excellence newsletter reported that PTWebucation is offering courses about value-added ergonomic solutions. According to the course description ergonomics injuries account for the largest percentage of Workers' Compensation injuries. This course will present evidence-based information and strategies to bridge clinical gaps between the Ergonomics (Engineering) and Physical Therapy (musculoskeletal) domains. This course is designed to increase the clinician's understanding of ergonomics and ergonomic applications to the clinical treatment model. The course will describe how clinicians may significantly enhance their treatment outcomes by including some basic ergonomics strategies in their treatment regimen.

JJ Phelan, Chief Operating Officer at TriFactor Helps Florida Customers

JJ Phelan, Chief Operating Officer at TriFactor shared, "TriFactor employees appreciate the Hytrol team members. They are courteous, professional, and always very friendly. We are proud partners of the world-class organization as they provide extensive product knowledge, engineering support, and customer service."

Iowa Wesleyan College Awards Jimmy Osmond Honorary Doctorate

American singer, actor, businessman and humanitarian Jimmy Osmond will have one more accolade to add to his resume: an Honorary Doctorate of Arts and Humanities from Iowa Wesleyan College.

Freedom from Religion Foundation Awards $10,000 to Black Skeptics Los Angeles' First in the Family College Scholarship Fund

Black Skeptics Los Angeles (BSLA), an African American atheist community-based organization, has partnered with the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) on its 2015 scholarship fund for youth non-believers of color. FFRF is granting the organization with $10,000 in scholarship funding from its Catherine Fahringer Memorial Student Scholarship fund.

Environmental Heat Solutions Offers Free Phone Consultations for Those with Bed Bug Infestations

LogoEnvironmental Heat Solutions has the remedy to bed bug infestations in the Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland area. By using trained dogs to locate bed bug hideouts and heat to eliminate bed bugs, Environmental Heat Solutions will eradicate bed bugs throughout the local area, thereby helping their customers live pest free. They offer free phone consultations and can pinpoint the exact spots where bed bugs are nesting.

Because There's More Premiere Show with Laura Ellis and Chris Cooper on

LogoLaura Ellis (Founder and CEO of Trusted Advisory Board Inc.) will join Chris Cooper, top show host of a continuing series, "Be More. Achieve More. - Inspiration for the Entrepreneurial Mind", in a live interview on 20th April 2015, from 6am(PST)/pm 9am (EST) on 6pm PST/9pm EST and on-demand within 24 hours VoiceAmerica's Business Channel (

'Optimal Media Marketing LLC' Launches New Website

Logo'Optimal Media Marketing LLC,' a renowned media marketing company, today announced the launch of their new website,  The website provides information about the mobile app production and promotion service.

'Homebuying for Heroes' Seminar Scheduled to Be Held on May 23, 2015

LogoThe 'Homebuying For Heroes' Seminar is set to be held on May 23, 2015. The event will take place at the Keller Williams office that is located at the Preston Road in Texas. The seminar will be addressed by Blair Thomas, retired from the Army and currently working as a mortgage loan officer; Willis Hunt, a certified credit repair specialist; and Herbert Johnson, a renowned realtor based in Frisco, Texas.

RTA Cabinets Offered by CabinetDIY Are a Faster and Cost Effective Solution for Property Renovation

Many Real Estate experts advise homeowners that it is much cheaper to renovate a home than move to a new property. They also recommend people who have limited funds to buy a property that needs renovation work to put their own stamp on it and increase the value of the property. A cost effective way for people to renovate their bathrooms and kitchens is through RTA Cabinets.

Homeowners Are Now Using RTA Cabinets to Modernize Their Home Instead of Employing Handymen

With the rising prices of real estate, property experts have said it is much more economical to modernize a home instead of moving to a new property. However, modernizing a home has always required builders and handymen, but now, homeowners can modernize their bathrooms and kitchens without expert help thanks to RTA Cabinets and CabinetDIY.

Tina Rodriguez Celebrates 25 Years as a Medical Aesthetician, Unveils Special Offer

Tina Rodriguez, one of the region's leading medical aestheticians, is celebrating 25 years of service in the field. As a way of marking this momentous anniversary, throughout the month of May, Tina Rodriguez Permanent Cosmetics will offer discounts of 20% to new customers on selected permanent cosmetic procedures and laser hair removal packages. Those interested in taking advantage of this special, rare opportunity can contact Tina Rodriguez to make arrangements.

Creative Agency Pneuma33 Launches Campaign to Educate Business on Branding Importance

Defined as a name, term, sign, symbol or design with the intention of identifying goods or services of one particular seller, differentiating them from other sellers, the American Marketing Association gives a very strict definition of branding in today's evolving marketplace. However, according to James Kramer, spokesperson for the branding agency Pneuma33, the process is far more encompassing. "A brand should be seen as how the firm is perceived by their customers, not to mention the associations and inherent value they place on the business."

Innovative Care Management Company myNEXUS Augments Team with Two New Senior VPs and Four New Medical Directors

Care management specialist myNEXUS welcomed two new Senior Vice Presidents and four new Medical Directors. Formerly of DaVita, Matt Bassett becomes the company's new Senior V.P. of Government Affairs. Most recently of MCMC, Curt Neel joins myNEXUS as its new Senior V.P. of Network Development. Anthony Cmelak, M.D., R. David Heekin, M.D., R. Tom Miller, M.D., and Chris Semder, M.D., F.A.C.C, will serve as the company's new medical directors.

The Celebrity Favourite Band Hip Operation Are Now Available for Weddings Around the North East of England

A popular band that has become a favourite with many celebrities in the UK has become one of the most booked bands for weddings. Hip Operation is a band based in the North East of England that has won the best band award at both regional and National Wedding Awards held in London.

Wedding Band Hip Operation Has Become One of the Most Recommended Bands for Wedding Receptions

Hip Operation, who perform at wedding receptions around the UK, has become one of the most sort after live bands in the North East and the whole of the UK. The live band who put on a performance at each wedding reception like they were playing at the O2 Arena has become a popular choice with celebrities.

New Book: "I Want to Be a Princess" Launched

Children's author Idan Berger has released a new book, titled: "I want to be a princess", which is a funny bedtime story collection, but one that is set out teach young children that sometimes what they already have is best of all.

Holidaymakers Travelling from Manchester Airport Are Overpaying on Airport Parking Says In2town Media

Passengers travelling from Manchester Airport have been complaining about the high cost of parking. A study undertaken by In2town media found that thousands of people each month fail to use a comparison site to compare prices, which results in them paying more than the average traveller.

Critical Systems Inc Makes AMI's New M217 Power Supply Available for Purchase

Orbital Welding is a means by which computers can mechanically rotate the arc through 360 degrees for gas tungsten arc welding processes, eliminating human error and guaranteeing best results. Not all results are created equal however, and the quality of the finished result depends largely on the equipment these computers have access to. Critical Systems Inc are specialists in process tools, and have just announced that AMI's New M217 Power Supply is available for their clients to buy or rent depending on their needs. The power source received a glowing review from Critical Systems' first look earlier this year.