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Top Online Marketer Chad Arrington Revamps His Popular Official Blog of Greatness

Noted affiliate and network marketing authority Chad Arrington announced the launch of his revamped Official Blog of Greatness. As one of the Internet's top destinations for those interested in making money online, the Chad Arrington Official Blog of Greatness offers up useful tips and strategies regarding digital marketing, search engine optimization, profitable blogging, and more. The just-launched new version of the Official Blog of Greatness features a more appealing design, easier navigation, and a wealth of fresh, valuable content.

Announcing the Launch of Solar Panel Build, Unique New Site Focusing on DIY Solar

The publishers of Solar Panel Build announced the availability of the brand new site at Providing a wealth of information that will be of great interest to do-it-yourself enthusiasts and those interested in solar electricity generation, Solar Panel Build launches as the Internet's top resource of its sort. Visitors to the site will find everything from instructional videos that detail how to build solar panels to guides to installing the finished products.

New Investments Ready Gettum Home Exteriors to Repair Damage from Recent Hail Storms

With harsh hail storms having just pounded homes throughout the region, Gettum Home Exteriors stands ready to help local residents shore up their houses against the elements. For nearly thirty years, Gettum Associates has been one of the most highly regarded remodeling contractors in the Indianapolis metro area, and new investments put the company's Gettum Home Exteriors division in even better position than before to help with every home exterior need. Whether for help with damage caused by the recent hail storm or advice about a long-planned exterior renovation project, Gettum Home Exteriors is happy to provide quick, free estimates to all in the Indianapolis area.

Custom Maid Celebrates 30th Anniversary Focusing Entirely on Homes and Apartments

According to a survey released by the Center for American Progress, nearly half of all families with children were headed by two working parents, and over 25% were headed by a single parent. While this statistic may be revealing on a number of different fronts, Susan Helms, spokesperson for Custom Maid (, a residential house cleaning company servicing the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk Virginia areas, revealed with the number of homes they clean, by far, the majority are for families with both parents working. Says Helms, "We are seeing an increasing amount of work from families who want to spend the little time they have together doing fun activities with their children, not cleaning the house."

New York Times Best Selling Author, Veteran & Abuse Survivor Opens Up

What does it take to overcome? New York Times Best Selling Author, Award-winning Blogger, Marine Corp Veteran and Abuse Survivor George Bryant of Civilized Caveman Cooking ( knows and is spreading the word to others with his latest blog post, an open and honest listing entitled '26 Things you Probably didn't know about me!'

Lucky Rabbit Estate Sales Hosts Huge Collectors Estate Sale May 2 & 3 in Long Island

Lucky Rabbit Estate Sales is hosting a huge collectibles sale on May 2nd and 3rd, 2015 featuring rare, vintage memorabilia and collectors' items.

Versatile Mounting Solutions Launches Innovative New v-Bar Home Mounting Bracket

Versatile Mounting Solutions announced the launch and immediate availability of the company's innovative, attractive V-Bar mounting bar. One of the most exciting new Storage Solutions to hit the market in years, the 14-gauge steel V-Bar is perfect for anything from indoor fitness and play rooms to storage for heavy items in a home's garage. With included, movable, high-strength S-hooks that provide for impressive mounting flexibility, the V-Bar is available in lengths from two to eight feet and with any of six attractive powder-coated finishes.

InvoCare Adds to Its Team of Phenomenal Care Specialists Endeavoring to Minimize Grief After Loss

LogoInvoCare adds a new compassionate team member upholding their mission to bring a new approach to funeral arrangement services. The company has announced the hiring of BJ Zarcone as a Customer Support Specialist in San Diego. Providing burial and cremation in Orange County and Los Angeles counties as well, InvoCare turns the tide. With the help of Zarcone and other team members the company refuses to tolerate impersonal care. For those overwhelmed by uncaring cremation providers, they're dedicated to offering a simple cremation and burial service. A service complete with a caring staff trained to soften the harsh realities families face.

New RPG Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Now that superhero movies and Lord of the Rings have become cultural mainstays, all things geek are attracting the attention of people that wouldn't have considered them "cool" just a couple of decades ago. Cosplayers—people who make and wear costumes of their favorite characters—have become a fixture of the media. Geeky conventions across the country are enjoying unprecedented growth, which has led to a proliferation of even more conventions. In Indiana alone, where there were once three conventions (Gen Con, Whos Yer Con, and InConjunction), there are now six. And it's time for roleplaying games to come out of the proverbial basement. Palegain Press LLC's upcoming revision to its Universal Storytelling System aims to grow the hobby by targeting people not yet role playing, and those who may feel socially marginalized. Many games have a steep learning curve and rely on ideas that aren't well understood by non-gamers. Dice can have more or less sides than six, the character sheets seem intimidating, the math can be daunting, and finding a group of experienced players that can teach the games can be difficult. To handle these roadblocks, the Universal Storytelling System uses a standard set of playing cards as its random mechanic, simplifying how a player interacts with the system. The rule book is a thin, digest-sized book, meaning there are few rules the player needs to learn in order to use the system. The social component has been addressed in several ways. To help players better understand their characters, there are physical and emotional description sections that encourage thinking about the character's unique outlook on the world. Player-driven short term and long term goals provide impetus for the character to grow and change as the story progresses. Universal Storytelling System is also designed and presented in an inclusive manner. This is an important aspect of the game, since the tabletop gaming community is stepping into the culture-discussion, with female gamers and LGBT gamers becoming prominent ambassadors of the hobby.

2015 Home Loan Guide Just Released

America's leading home loan experts have today released a stunning infographic in the hope of setting the record straight on their industry. For far too long, homeowners around the country have got a bad deal because they have failed to take out the right lending solution. That should now become a thing of the past thanks to the efforts made by this fantastic advice-giving company. It's even possible to compare home loan rates using their website.

Locksmith Services of the Highest Quality Offered by a Well-Established Company

That Helping Locksmith in Arlington TX is offering reliable locksmith services is certainly a good news for the residents and commercial establishments of the place. The company has been in the field since several decades and their list of satisfied customers is quite long also.

Editors Depot Presents the Most Famous After Effects Templates for Video Production

LogoVideo production, being the next best medium in reaching out to target customers in the field of marketing, is now on its way to stardom as it defeats text and graphics content materials. In a short period of time, a video can exhibit the benefits of a brand's products or a company's services. Videos can tell a story and demonstrate a service in action. With the help of after effects templates, videos are given more life.

Client of Edwards and Kautz Facing Ten Years in Prison Is Found Not Guilty

LogoCriminal defense attorney Dave Bundrick successfully defended a client accused of theft of over $10,000 and facing up to ten years in prison. The jury deliberated just over two hours before returning to the courtroom with the verdict of "Not Guilty".

JMD Entertainment Presents the Hollywood on the East Coast Red Carpet Gala on April 12, 2015

LogoJanice McLean DeLoatch and JMD Entertainment are focused on helping women in business to succeed. "These women and I are starting a Revolution for Job Creation, Support for Entrepreneurship, Resource Support and Business Development" Janice McLean DeLoatch.

TelcoDepot Launches New Learning Center for Small Business Owners

LogoLeading business phone system provider takes great pride in announcing the launch of a new learning center, a comprehensive resource for small business owners. This learning center includes in-depth articles, hands-on tutorials, and case examples on popular business phone systems. The goal of such a learning center is to educate customers about the industry's best-selling phone systems.

J & L Paving Offering Driveway Sealcoating Services in Montgomery County, PA This April

LogoFor those who don't know, winter weather has an impact not only on the roads, but also driveways. In fact, driveways can become littered with depressions due to the ground below the driveway constantly freezing and thawing. When cold weather becomes an afterthought, many home and business owners begin their spring cleaning rituals. Aside from cleaning, they may also need upgrades or repairs done to their property—one of which can include a new or improved driveway. To help home and business owners get their property looking great, J & L Paving Concepts located in Warminster, PA, is pleased to announce that they are offering driveway sealcoating to Montgomery County, Bucks County, PA home and business owners this April.

Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency Reminds Bucks County About the Importance of Optional Insurance Policies

LogoThe Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency provides automobile, homeowners, renters, boat, life and flooding insurance to Pennsylvania residents. Their fully licensed insurance agency strives to provide the best policies at the most affordable rates, coupled with unsurpassed customer service. As the weather warms and PA boat owners start itching to get on the water, the Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency wants to remind everybody that optional insurance policies, such as life insurance and boat insurance in Bucks County, are just as important as car insurance and health insurance. Compares Exclusive Deals on Life Insurance is enabling people find the exclusive deals on life insurance. The company is helping customers compare various policies for life insurance in UK and find out the best deal according to their needs, preferences and price.

PARK Set to Open USA Office to Deliver Design Management and Design Leadership Services to North American Based Industries

After more than 17 years supporting leading global companies throughout Europe, PARK will be launching its USA office to service North American based clients. PARK is a world leading design management and design leadership management consultancy firm with offices in the Netherlands and Germany. Often referred to as the "McKinsey of the design world" by many of their clients, PARK adds value to organizations by increasing the impact of design through more efficient and effective operations. Projects have resulted in a variety of advantages including, but not limited to higher revenues, decreased cost, increased brand awareness, more brand loyalty, faster time to market, more innovation power, more intellectual properties, and faster company cultural transformation.

Pangeanic Expands Services with Medical Translations and Full Japanese Language Support

In an increasingly globalized world, translation services are more essential than ever. The pace of culture moves much more slowly than the pace of business and mastering some of the world's most difficult languages takes far more time than striking a business deal will allow. Pangeanic offers world-leading translation services for businesses, and are always expanding the services they offer, both in terms of the languages covered and the items translated. They have just added Japanese to their list of languages, as well as a new specialism in the field of medical translation.

Turkish Indoor Lacrosse National Team Seeks Funding via Funds4Sport to Participate in 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships

LogoThe Turkey Lacrosse Association (TLA) has been actively involved in promoting lacrosse as a game in the Republic of Turkey. They are to be appreciated for whatever development this sport has experienced in Turkey. TLA is responsible for managing all the teams and leagues that play lacrosse in this country. Now, the Turkey Lacrosse Association is seeking funds to assist young Turkish male athletes participate in the lacrosse world indoor championships.

Businesses - Go Easy on Email Marketing Budget with EasySendy

Small and medium businesses now have a better and pocket-friendly alternative to costly hosted email service providers, like, Mailchimp, Aweber, etc. EasySendy, a software service, manages Sendy installation and hosting.

Heavy Duty Emergency Light Displays Top of the Line Features

An emergency light finds use in multiple set ups but, no matter what the need, compromise on performance of the light is simply not acceptable. While the market for emergency lights continues to grow, one brand which has time and again proven to be the best choice with new launches every year is emergency light manufacturers Eledfactory

Australian SAA Approved Mountable LED Emergency Exit Board Proves Its Mettle

LED exit boards serve an important function in places that are usually crowded or frequented by individuals whose safety features on the top of the list for any commercial establishment. Investing in a high quality LED emergency exit board is where this pursuit begins.

The Finishing Touch Invite Clients to Enjoy Their Loyalty Card System

The Finishing Touch - Wellington's leading beauty and nail salon - have been working hard over the past few months, as the phones have been ringing off the hook since coming back from the Christmas holidays. 2015 has proven to be a busy year so far for the team, with all of the beauty therapists working Monday through till Saturday to keep up with the high demand for professional beauty and nail services.