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Wedding Band Hip Operation Has Become One of the Most Recommended Bands for Wedding Receptions

Hip Operation, who perform at wedding receptions around the UK, has become one of the most sort after live bands in the North East and the whole of the UK. The live band who put on a performance at each wedding reception like they were playing at the O2 Arena has become a popular choice with celebrities.

New Book: "I Want to Be a Princess" Launched

Children's author Idan Berger has released a new book, titled: "I want to be a princess", which is a funny bedtime story collection, but one that is set out teach young children that sometimes what they already have is best of all.

Holidaymakers Travelling from Manchester Airport Are Overpaying on Airport Parking Says In2town Media

Passengers travelling from Manchester Airport have been complaining about the high cost of parking. A study undertaken by In2town media found that thousands of people each month fail to use a comparison site to compare prices, which results in them paying more than the average traveller.

Critical Systems Inc Makes AMI's New M217 Power Supply Available for Purchase

Orbital Welding is a means by which computers can mechanically rotate the arc through 360 degrees for gas tungsten arc welding processes, eliminating human error and guaranteeing best results. Not all results are created equal however, and the quality of the finished result depends largely on the equipment these computers have access to. Critical Systems Inc are specialists in process tools, and have just announced that AMI's New M217 Power Supply is available for their clients to buy or rent depending on their needs. The power source received a glowing review from Critical Systems' first look earlier this year.

Cromosys, an iPhone App Development Company Creates Highly Cost-Effective Apps for Startups and Enterprises

LogoDeveloping iPhone application for business requires more than just proficiency in coding and designing. Entrepreneurs look for an iPhone app development company that understands their business logic and has the acumen to build the app around it. Also, deliver it to their budget and time-line. Startups and enterprises looking for a development partner can explore iPhone app development services from Cromosys on to develop business apps with high ROI.

Trailer Bid LLC Launches New Website Following Featuring as a Speaker at Kansas City Start Up Convention

Trailer Bid LLC was a featured speaker at the latest Kansas City entrepreneur start up last week. Two dozen local entrepreneurs pitched their startup stories. Trailer Bid is thriving and has just launched a new website to reach more potential customers online.

Martin Luther Campus Announces Lunch at Culvers This April

LogoMartin Luther Campus has announced lunch at Culver's as part of its Campus Club adult day care programs in MN. The lunch outing is scheduled for April 23.

K-Ble Releases One of the World's Most Durable Lightning Cables

Tech company K-ble has announced the release of its flagship product, the K-ble X. This new lighting charge and sync cable for Apple devices offers unparalleled strength and reliability.

Scott Tucker Introduces New Travel Exercise System

In their upcoming article, technology enthusiast site Gadgets Made Simple will feature a review of Scott Tucker's new product, 'Grab and Go.' Exclusive video clips and pictures will be included.

Carpenter Scott Tucker Donates Bookshelves to New Library

The site that keeps everyone active and learning, Never Be Bored, is focusing on Scott Tucker in an upcoming article. Tucker is the owner and head carpenter of 'Hardwood Designs' furniture store. Tucker has announced plans to donate bookshelves to the Hesse Library. This will be the third time Tucker has donated his work to the community.

CEO of 123 Employee Daven Michaels Releases Outsource Smart

Daven Michaels, Founder of 123 Employee, shares his expertise with entrepreneurs, small business owners and large corporations in an effort to help them gain the competitive edge by using communications technology to their advantage.

BrightSquare Introduces Specialist Cleaning Technology

BrightSquare provides professional services such as window cleaning, property services and pressure washing to residents and businesses in the Birmingham, Alabama area, including Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, Hoover, and Homewood. The company serves each of its customers based on their own unique needs while continually focused on improving its services through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

123 Employee CEO Daven Michaels to Host Live Event April 10-12

Daven Michaels, CEO of 123 Employee and New York Times Best Selling Author, is hosting a new event, Beyond Marketing LIVE!, beginning Friday, April 10 to Sunday, April 12.

123 Employee CEO Daven Michaels Hosts Beyond Marketing LIVE!

Daven Michaels, CEO of 123 Employee and New York Times Best Selling Author, is set to host Beyond Marketing LIVE! this April. The event will give business owners and entrepreneurs the tools needed to implement cutting-edge marketing techniques.

Client of Edwards and Kautz Facing Second-Degree Manslaughter Found Not Guilty

Criminal defense attorney David Bundrick successfully defended a client accused of second-degree manslaughter, knowing abuse of an adult by a caretaker, and first-degree criminal abuse. Bundrick and his client originally accepted a plea bargain that was rejected by the judge before the trial date was set.

Author C. Evenfall Promotes New Paperback Through Two Virtual Book Tours

C. Evenfall, the author of paranormal series The Wraith of Carter's Mill, has announced that she would promote the release of the paperback anthology by touring the virtual world.

Historical Mystery 'Holy Ground' Entered for Several Awards

Book publisher Books, Authors and Artists (BAA) has entered Karl F. Hollenbach's Holy Ground for several upcoming awards.

Ivflooring Announces an Easy to Maintain Hard Wood Flooring for All Kinds of Homes at Reduced Cost

Ivflooring recently announced premium wood flooring for its customers. Those who want premium wood flooring can get it installed from this ivflooring service provider. They cater to all kinds of flooring works such as hardwood flooring, engineered flooring and laminated flooring. Not only do the ivflooring sells premium flooring materials, but they also install and provide refinishing services to its customers after they make the purchase. They also offer emergency repair services, restoring floors, trimming and installing new stairs too.

Videorank.Guru Emphasizes Video Marketing as One of the World's Most Powerful Tool for Online Businesses

LogoBecause of the global modernization and technological advancements, the commerce world has truly become more and more competitive and tremendously challenging especially with the rise and emergence of numerous business competitors. Business owners are searching more effective ways to market and promote their products and services; hence the birth and the dawning of e-Commerce.

Go Justice Network Helping Car Accident Victims Find Reputable Attorneys

LogoMillions of Americans are injured in car accidents every year, and victims have a lot on their minds. From emotional distress to medical bills to vehicle damage and insurance claims, there are numerous issues that can cause a life to unravel. When seeking reimbursement for damages, victims may not know which attorney or law firm they should seek assistance. To help victims receive the compensation they deserve, GoJustice is helping car accident victims find reputable attorneys for representation.

G. Cannon Roofing and Siding Offer Energy-Efficient Window Installation Services

LogoDuring the summer, homeowners are always in need of ways to keep energy costs down. With the correct window design and materials, homeowners can keep their houses cool during the summer and, as a result, lower their monthly energy bill. To help homeowners save money on energy costs, G. Cannon Roofing and Siding, the most trusted roofers in West Chester, now install energy-efficient windows.

Calvin Devericks Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce Expressu to the World

LogoCalvin Devericks is the creator of expressU, a social media platform that promises to be more interactive than the rest. Calvin has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $300,000, and make expressU a reality.

Clendaniel Fence Company Offers Commercial and Residential Fencing in Warrington

For three decades, Clendaniel Fence Company has been the Warrington area's preferred fencing company for their unparalleled customer service and beautiful, long-lasting fence designs. Recently, Clendaniel Fence Company reminded customers that they continue to offer fence installation in Warrington for both residences and commercial properties.

The Royal Worthington: Furnished Suites, Extensive Amenities for Those Seeking Luxury

Individuals seeking high-end, exceptional apartments around the Malvern, Pennsylvania regions will enjoy the luxury offered from The Royal Worthington, a luxury apartment complex located in the heart of the Main Line of Philadelphia, in the Uptown Worthington section of Malvern. The Royal Worthington provides beautifully furnished suites as well as a wide variety of exclusive amenities for residents and renters in their high quality establishment.

Monetising Spare Time Is Now Simple with

At the start of the year self-employment figures were at a 40-year high, but it's not due to the lack of vacancies posed by the recession. There is a reason why people who are self-employed choose to stay that way rather than go back to full-time work. Websites like and TaskRabbit allow people to choose the skills they want to monetise, and the times they want to work.