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Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Offering Breast Lift and Breast Reduction Procedures

LogoIndividuals looking to have a breast lift or breast reduction procedure can schedule an appointment with the surgeons of Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery in Philadelphia. The medical facility is pleased to announce that they offer high-quality breast augmentation services throughout the Bucks County, PA, area and beyond. The doctors have been performing mastopexy and breast reduction for years, as it is one of the most popular procedures conducted at the center. The company specializes in performing a variety of plastic surgery procedures that produce satisfying results.

Plan for Fitness Takes to the Streets to Help the Homeless

Health, hope and compassion have been Debra Vadala's key themes on her popular BlogTalk radio show, "Plan for Fitness" – but now the broadcaster and fitness expert is kicking it up a notch with a personal approach to helping the homeless in South Florida. The Plan for Fitness Community Outreach Project is a labor of love to help the homeless, out-of-work veterans and battered/abused women in shelters.

Michigan-Based Magline Congratulates Western Michigan University Supply Chain Ranking

LogoMichigan-based Magline shared the good news reported recently by the Grand Rapids Business Journal that Western Michigan University supply chain program ranks No. 2 in the U.S. Rachel Weick reported Western Michigan University Integrated Supply Management program, or ISM, at the Haworth College of Business earned the ranking by Software Advice for its blend of engineering, information technology, and manufacturing courses at the undergraduate level. Software Advice is a software resource firm that provides independent research and reviews. The firm conducted a national study examining 15 top supply chain management programs, due to the rising demand for expertise in technology, software, and quantitative tools in the profession. The firm said that digital tools are "the backbone of major supply chain operations." Penn State University ranks No. 1. Michigan State University ranks No. 8 at the undergraduate level and No. 11 at the graduate level. The University of Michigan ranks No. 2 for its graduate programming for supply chain education.

Versatile Actor Eric St. John Portrays American Legend in "Ride the Thunder"

Eric St. John portrays the character of Colonel John W. Ripley in the new film "Ride the Thunder". The film which is based on a true story of two war heroes and their experiences premired on 27/3/2015 at the Regency Theater with huge success. Long box offices lines were commonplace as show after show was sold out all weekend long. The tremendous box office sales resulted in "Ride The Thunder" achieving the highest average per Theatre Box Office in the country.

Natural Playground Company PDPlay Completes Four Projects for U.S. Navy

PDPlay, the leading designer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly commercial playground equipment and natural playgrounds, has completed a natural playground renovation contract for the United States Navy at four separate bases in the U.S. The natural playgrounds are located at childcare centers serving Navy personnel. The bases in Murphy Canyon, CA, Kings Bay, GA, Kitsap Bangor, WA and Pensacola, FL, were slated for renovation after being redesigned as natural playgrounds by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Author Reveals the Story Behind an Impossible Promise

Often, successful books have a back story that readers really want to discover. When Howard Bronson sought publishers for his new book, 'How to Make an Impossible Marriage Possible,' the first question posed by prospects dealt with his qualifications. "What makes you the authority on how to make impossible marriages possible? Not even Dr. Phil makes that outlandish claim. " Further, Bronson does not have a PhD in psychology, does not have a TV show and he limits his therapy practice to a small village in Southern Vermont. Yet his relationship advice has been found useful by thousands of readers all across the globe.

Easy Web Video Successfully Launches as a Lead Generation Software

Easy Web Video has been made public on April 3, 2015. The lead generation software which is the product of a collaboration between Todd Gross and Shawn Pringle has been highly anticipated by internet marketers. Easy Web Video as designed by the duo to help webmasters and internet marketers generate leads from traffic that might otherwise have been loss; by accident, it may actually help webmasters solve the much debated, "how to reduce bounce rate" problem many webmasters face.

300 Teens to Compete in 11th Annual High School Entrepreneur's Business Plan Competition at UCLA

More than 300 high school students from across the Southland will compete in 11th annual Project ECHO High School Entrepreneur's Business Plan Competition on Sunday, April 12, 2015. This event follows the Semi-Finals event and is intended to provide Southern California high school students the opportunity to pitch their new business ventures to prominent members of the local business community who serve as volunteer venture capitalist judges. Winning teams are awarded cash start-up funds.

Dawn Bennett, Host of Radio Show "Financial Myth Busting," Interviews Jeff Kemp, Former NFL Quarterback and Author

BENNETT: Jeff Kemp is a former NFL quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, and the Philadelphia Eagles. In 1984, he led the Rams with 13 touchdown passes and a trip to the playoffs, and in 1986 he threw 11 touchdowns for the 49ers as backup to the injured Joe Montana.. Kemp is the author of a new book Facing the Blitz: Three Strategies for Turning Trials into Triumphs, in which he lays out ways in which thinking like a quarterback can help when dealing with personal and professional setbacks. Jeff, welcome.

Arab Couple Embarks on Gender Selection Using IVF for Their Next Child

Rashida and Masoud Khalil are a relatively young Saudi couple who have enjoyed a married life for a little over 6 years. In their 6 years of companionship, Rashida has given birth to 3 healthy boys. They have a loving marriage, beautiful children and all the life's material necessities that one can wish for, but despite all this they feel that there is still something missing from their lives.

20th Anniversary of the First LASIK Performed in Colorado Thanks to Dishler Laser Institute

Jon G. Dishler M.D., a pioneer in laser vision correction, marks a milestone as he celebrates being the first ophthalmologist in Colorado to perform LASIK utilizing an Excimer laser he had built for correcting nearsightedness. Dr. Dishler known for his ingenuity and inventiveness, has received numerous awards for his scientific expertise and contributions to laser vision correction. Little did he know then that LASIK would be a popular alternative to lessen dependence on glasses and contacts. He reflects on this significant landmark in Colorado's refractive history.

How to Find the Best Mortgage Net Branch Opportunities with Mortgage Branch Connection

Mortgage Branch Connection is designed to match people to the right Mortgage Net Branch or Federally Chartered Net Branch.

Psykosoft Releases New App That Bridges Sketching and Messaging

Messenging apps are incredibly popular right now. They help connect people and feed a fundamental need to communicate. As the medium matures and we are moving from text to new forms of expressions; like smileys, photos, and gifs to spice things up; Psykosoft thinks drawing is a natural evolution in that space. But for it to work the experience needs to be as simple as possible. While this is not a new idea, (Drawtype for iOS ) Sketchat is its own app solely focused on sketching and sharing with an emphasis on lean user experience.

Fairfield Village Apartments Announces New Management

Fairfield Village Apartments has announced that it has come under new management. Austin investor Markus Heitkoetter recently purchased the residential rental complex, and Fourth Dimension Group is the new management company that will oversee operation of Fairfield Village Apartments.

ChaseData Corp. Announces Launch of New Website and Free Trial of Call Center Solutions

Ahmed Macklai, founder of ChaseData Corp., announced that the firm has launched its new website to meet the needs of those looking for contact and call center software solutions. The website's re-launch provides companies with enhanced navigation, information, and a free trial of the firm's services. The call center start-up specializes in businesses that need software for up to 250 seats.

Meridian Treatment Solutions Receives Accreditation by Joint Commission

Hotse Langeraar, founder of Meridian Treatment Solutions, announced that the Florida drug rehab center received accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) on March 7, 2015. The designation provides patients and families with assurance that the clinic has met the organization's demanding goals for patient safety, protocols and standards.

Brandamos Announces Relocation of Its Fort Lauderdale Office to Better Serve Clients

Brandamos brand elevator, Jason Brietstein, announced that the Fort Lauderdale office has relocated to 6210 N. Andrews Ave. The brand elevation agency specializes in all things Internet to increase client visibility through SEO, social media, video production and photography.

SuperHero Insurance Warn More Families Could Face Repossession by Ignoring Income Protection Insurance

SuperHero Insurance, who has launched an Income Protection Comparison Tool and Life Insurance Comparison Tool to help consumers find the best Insurance deals, is concerned families could face financial difficulties by not planning ahead.

StormFitters Offering Window Installation Services in Tampa, Florida

Led by a dedicated president and CEO Bill Covington, StormFitters strives to bring in services for their customers, which involves optimum combination of storm protection products services available at affordable price ranges. The company promises to work ethically with their customers, suppliers, officials, and others along the way. The company is offering window installation services in Tampa, Florida.

KeeboVet Offers Pet & Canine Ultrasound Pregnancy Machines

KeeboVet is an online store where one can locate all possible types of veterinary ultrasound machines, both used and unused at reasonable prices. These ultrasound machines have made it easier for the veterinarians to treat the pets effectively, as the examination of their internal organs is not a difficult task any more. KeeboVet provides canine ultrasound pregnancy machines at cost effective rates.

Grand Rapids Dentist Dr. Daniel Burton, D.D.S. Launches Michigan Sleep Network to Treat Patients with Sleep Apnea

LogoIt's estimated that as much as 80% of patients with sleep apnea are undiagnosed due to a lack of screening. Dr. Daniel Burton, dentist in Grand Rapids, MI recently launched the Michigan Sleep Network to help both patients and healthcare professionals become more educated about and find effective treatments for sleep apnea.

Cleaning Exec Launches New Flat Rate Affordable Service in NYC to Clean Up the Cleaning Industry

Getting an apartment cleaned in New York can be a nightmare, and with so many companies to choose from it can be difficult to know who to trust beyond simple trial and error. Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services is a unique New York Cleaning company in that they allow users to book times that suit them, for one of three flat rate packages designed to match the scale of any home. The clean is utterly thorough so there are no added extras to worry about. This unique approach allows them to deliver a more affordable clean with a superior customer experience, and they are poised to cause a storm in cleaning industry with new lower pricing.

CV Specialists Launches Website to Promote CV and Bespoke Writing Services Worldwide

CV Specialists have amassed a team of experts drawn from every dimension required to generate the ultimate CV, cover letter or application. They have recruiters and head hunters who know what businesses are looking for and how they like to be presented to. They have expert writers who can craft content to shine in the best and most economical way. They have tailored packages to match the amount of experience of the client. What's more, their services are now available globally via a new website launched today.

Financial Discuss Launches Website to Promote Liquidation Advice Services in London

Financial Discuss is a company that specializes in helping businesses prepare for the worst. Businesses finding themselves in financial difficulties are often prone to making rash decisions in hope of a short term bump, but this can often create further difficulties down the line that become catastrophic. Financial Discuss specialize in strategic liquidation advice, and have just launched their new website ( to help London businesses discover their services. Unlike many competitors, this service is offered affordably and directly, to ensure maximum contact time and the best financial results for clients.

Applied VC Launches Website to Offer Business Plan Writing Services in the Heart of London

Applied VC is a business plan writing service based in London, helping start-ups and small businesses attract the kind of funding, investments and partnerships they need to succeed. So many businesses fail because they lack a clear communication of their ideas, and a good business plan is essential. Applied VC is now making their affordable services available online through a new website, ( which promotes their ethos and products.