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Airwheel Self-Balancing Unicycle Heads to CONSTRUMA

Airwheel has become extremely popular all over the world for being one of the most innovative, eco-friendly and an extremely intelligent transport models. Airwheel currently offers three product lines such as the X Series, Q Series and the S Series. Each of these series is designed by incorporating cutting-edge technology with special emphasis on exterior design and passenger safety. The company has been making tremendous efforts to protect the environment and to support the present global trend which is Low Carbon. And as part of these efforts, Airwheel introduced the lithium battery core for the purpose of eradicating emission.

Airwheelelectric's S3 Made Headlines at the Highly Anticipated Expoactiva Nacional Exhibition in Uruguay

The Expoactiva Nacional exhibition which was held in Montevideo, Uruguay was the talk of the town featuring the most popular Airwheelelectric scooter 'S3'. The exhibition which brought to visitor's notice several of this year's innovations was most referred to for the splendid display of this self balancing scooter.

Airwheelelectric Scooters Make Their Star Appearance at the Budapest Motor Kiallitas Exhibition

The most awaited Budapest Motor Kiallitas exhibition which is going to last from 20th March to 22nd March features the Airwheelelectric scooters, which have gained widespread popularity as a unique invention in the personal motor transport category.

A Solar Screen/Professional Woodcrafters Presents Various Window Covering Options

According to U.S. Climate Data, the average temperature for McAllen, Texas runs 75.6 degrees. Individuals looking to keep their home at a comfortable temperature without spending a fortune to cool the home find Solar Screens are a great way to do so. Others opt for Wood Blinds to keep the sun out of the home, as each client has their own unique needs. No matter what one is searching for in terms of mcallen window coverings, A Solar Screen/Professional Woodcrafters can be of help.

Writer, Director and Teacher Julia Cameron, Author of the Acclaimed, the Artist's Way, Will Join Nancy Gentle Boudrie to Help You Harness Your Creativity

LogoJoin Nancy Gentle Boudrie as we explore how to awaken your creativity within, as Spiritual beings in human form we all have creativity within. The challenge is understanding how to tap into the wellspring and learning to express in our day-to-day lives from this uniquely beautiful space that makes us individuals. My guest this week will be Writer, Director and Teacher Julia Cameron who for decades assisted individuals to awaken their creativity successfully through her book, The Artist's Way. There will be a Q&A portion of the show where you can call 888-346-9141 and ask Julia or myself questions.

Alex Tsakiris of Skeptiko Interviews Harvard-Trained Social Scientist Dr. Jeffery Martin About Whether Enlightenment Can Be Taught

Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris for an interview with Harvard-trained social scientist Dr. Jeffery Martin. During the interview Martin discusses the goals of his research on transformational states:

Perth Gutters Assures Premium Gutter Services at Best Prices

LogoPerth homeowners looking for a cost effective gutter replacement in Perth seems to have a credible aide, Perth Gutters has assured premium gutter services at best prices.

Markham Web Design Agency Wins Business Employer of Excellence Award

nvision solutions, a full-service digital marketing agency in Markham, Ontario, is pleased to announce that company President, George Arabian, is the 2014 recipient of the Business Employer of Excellence Award.

Gulf Coast Heating and Cooling L.L.C. Launches with Maintenance Agreement Discount Offer

Spring is here, and air conditioning systems are beginning to kick into gear in businesses and homes across the country. After relative inactivity during winter months, these systems can often have degraded, requiring both maintenance and repair in order to run at peak capacity. Gulf Coast Heating and Cooling offers Gulfport air conditioning repair services, which can be made even cheaper thanks to their introductory offer. Anyone signing up for a bi-annual maintenance inspection agreement will receive 15% off the price of all their repairs.

Gente & Casas Lists New Properties for Sale and Rents in Colombia's Best Regions

The housing market in Colombia is rising steadily, between 1.6 and 1.7% are projections for the next quarter. Right now prices are low but will only increase, making it a perfect time to invest in this thriving country. Whether natives or tourists looking to buy or rent, finding high quality properties in reputable areas can be difficult without the right contacts. Gente Y Casas is a search engine that offers you the very best for sale and lease properties. They have just updated their site with new and exclusive listings.

Studies Suggest Testing for CVD in Those with Erectile Dysfunction: Online USA Doctors Offers Alternative to Expensive Doctor's Office Visits

New reports suggest an intimate relationship between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, estimating that over 1 million serious events like heart attack and stroke can be prevented over a 20 year span, simply by screening men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction for cardiovascular disease also.

Flexispy Software Now Enhances the Usefulness of Android and iOS

Flexispy increases the utility of smart phones by adding to them spying features and monitoring systems. The Flexyspy software is installable into various devices, pretty much all the devices that are powered by Android or iOS. The software is very covert and does not announce its presence. All the user has to do is to take the targeted device and get the software installed in it. Whoever uses the device afterwards is unaware of the presence of software and comes under the radar.

Tix J4U Adds Broadway Tickets to Their Listings of Affordable Offers on Major Ticketed Events

Broadway is one of the biggest theatre producing regions in the world. Hollywood stars often tread the boards in Broadway's venues to put on seminal works by significant playwrights. At the same time, thriving and exciting new work and adaptations are regularly debuted there. The downside to all this activity is the expense, which often prices theatre lovers out of their own market. TixJ4U has been helping sports, music and cabaret fans get affordable tickets for years. They have now opened a section for Broadway tickets, helping people see shows affordably.

Acreated Expands Website to Include Index of All Myers Briggs Personality Types

It is rare that academic exercises become a fun activity, but the Myers Briggs personality test is one rare example of such a cross over. The test was devised by psychologists for use in research, to see if personality types really affected other factors. Since then however it has found another life in psychometric employee evaluations and is even used by curious individuals as a way to pass the time and find out more about themselves. Acreated is a website that offers a high quality and free Myers Briggs assessment ( They have just created a separate resource center containing breakdowns on all the personality types ( to help people interpret the results.

Docs.Zone Introduces OCR Technology to Make Scanned Documents Digitally Editable in Word

PDF files have been hugely convenient for sending data in a portable, universal format. The problem with word processors is the lack of homogeneity, with different operating systems displaying documents differently and some having no compatibility at all, PDF's solve this issue. However PDF's come with a major downside, none of the information in a PDF can be extracted, edited or reused without the use of specialist software. Docs.Zone has just cracked that software in order to provide people with the capability of converting PDF content into editable Word and Excel files, using their brand new OCR programming.

Dallas Mitigation 247 Adds New Testimonial Feature to Help Customers Share Experiences

Homes are built to last, but within their walls they are still vulnerable to damage that can upset the balance of life and cause inconvenience to homeowners. Fire, flood and mold can all eat away at a home's structural integrity and cause seriously health hazards to occupants. As such, it is imperative to get these issues dealt with immediately. Dallas Mitigation 247 offers a round the clock rapid response repair and maintenance service for dealing with floods, fires, and mold infestations. They have just launched a testimonials section on their website to help new customers gauge the quality of their work from previous ones.

Fatcat Apps Releases New Optin Cat Plugin to Combine Mailchimp with WordPress

Email marketing is still the most successful and most consistent way to sell products online, the term "the money is in the list" is so popular because it's true. However getting subscribers can often be difficult purely because of the technical aspects involved.

Portland Pest Control Enlightens Readers on How to Get Rid of Ants

Portland Pest Control services offer insect and rodent extermination for households and commercial units. There are several insects which are cause of worry for the residents of Portland Oregon; but in this matter, the odorous house ants stand out as one of the top contenders. And this year, due to the mild winter, they are making an early appearance to the scene clearly catching the residents of the area off guard. These ants are very common, especially in Oregon and they can be identified from their stench that is like that of rotten coconut. They smell quite bad when crushed. They are brown and black in color and are mostly found in the places where they are able to find abundant left overs or spilled food.

Ultriva Reviews Strategies How Lean Six Sigma Reduces Forecast Errors

LogoSponsored by Ultriva, Forecast Errors, a weekly e-newsletter, shares methods, modes, and tools used in a variety of supply chain industries. In a recent issue, Ultriva asserted that any company desiring to save money through increased efficiency can benefit from the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Based in the lean manufacturing principles of eliminating waste and continuous process improvement, Lean Six Sigma is a set of process improvement-focused practices that help companies organize, analyze, and improve their overall business operation. By embracing the cultural methodology, manufacturers are making a total commitment to continuous improvement and product workflow optimization, with the ultimate objective of being a world-class company in every regard. Forecast errors are eliminated by streamlining production and eliminating non-value added processes. This implementation results in increased efficiency, higher quality output, and better customer service.

Altavest's Legend Program Returns 35.29% in 2014, Ranking #1 in Risk-Adjusted Performance

LogoAccording to, a database that tracks Commodity Trading Advisor performance, Altavest's Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) Program, Legend, was ranked the 2nd best performing option strategy in 2014 in terms of absolute performance, returning 35.29% to investors in 2014. Most importantly, Legend wasranked the #1 performer according to its riskadjusted return (Sharpe Ratio of 6.88).

Author Invites Readers to Discover Hope via Small Steps Toward Change in His New Book

LogoGiving a motivational look at the way one small change can effect the outcome of an entire life, author Justin Spalla releases his first book. Entitled "A Tribute to Friendship We are One of Many" Spalla takes readers from what was first a suicidal mindset, to a productive life of purpose. To that end, the book is an inspirational story of simplistic acts of self-improvement. In this, his motivational book, Spalla shares the wealth of his experience in what ended up to be a ten year act of love.

Award-Winning Roofing Contractors Allen Park MI Offers Comprehensive Roofing Services

Downriver Roofers is a roofing contractor company that has earned a reputation for being the premier roofing contractor company among all roofing companies Allen Park MI, this is a reputation that has been earned by the highly skilled professionals that have more than 20 years of experience in roofing replacement, roof ice dam removal, roofing maintenance, and roofing installation achieving high customer satisfaction.

Sterling Manufacturing Launches Multi-Million Dollar Expansion

Sterling Manufacturing, a world class, vertically integrated injection molding company focused on medical, defense and aerospace industries, is pleased to announce that is has undertaken a multi-million dollar upgrade of its facilities.

New Social Networking Site Pays Back for Posting Positive Content

Take just one look at any popular social networking site, including Facebook and Twitter, and one will find little more than people complaining, flaming others, or bragging about themselves. At the end of the day, social networking sites like these are just mirroring popular TV, radio, and traditional media's preoccupation with negative thinking and bad-news.

Hydrojet, Inc. Announces Dynamic Waterjet Cutting Services Available This Spring

LogoHydrojet, Inc. located in Reading, PA, offers 5 axis water jet cutting services, 3D machining and much more to medical, military or building industries clients. This spring, the company is pleased to announce that they are continuing to take on any new clients that are looking for elite dynamic waterjet cutting services.