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Waiters and Bartenders Lead the Charge, by Dawn Bennett

The unemployment numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics last Friday gave the White House a lot to crow about. The headline unemployment number, the one they like to talk about was 5.5%, down from 5.7% in January, and the economy created nearly 300,000 new jobs, the twelfth month in a row with more than 200,000 jobs created. This sounds great, and both the President and Jason Furman, the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, wasted no time blowing the trumpet. Encourages Awareness During Multiple Sclerosis Education Month

Multiple Sclerosis (meaning multiple scars on the brain) affects the central nervous system and can interrupt the information that travels between the brain and the body. It is an unpredictable disease that, at this time, has no known cause. March is Multiple Sclerosis Education Month and My Identity Doctor encourages awareness of the disease to help its prevention and possible cure. They also encourage those suffering from the disease to wear a multiple sclerosis bracelet or some other form of medical alert jewelry for women and men.

Food Warehouse Supervisor Responsibilities Include Monitoring Productivity

LogoPicking Perfection newsletter reported that understanding the expectations of a food warehouse supervisor can be detailed in a focused job description. The ideal candidate would be responsible for associate development through training on policy & procedures, creating a cohesive organization by keeping lines of communication open. This vital role must monitor a variety of operational information, such as "mis-picks" and productivity reports, to ensure individual order selectors and the entire shift are meeting rates and following preferred methodologies. Typically five years of strong leadership, communication and people development skills and a broad knowledge of warehouse operations, methods, and procedures are also expected.

Demanding Young Customers Drive Highly Customized Products

LogoYoung consumers insist on speed of delivery, quality, and value — they also prefer products that are highly customized. The millennial generation (born between 1981and 1998) in particular, is accustomed to "on demand" access to information, products, and services, creating a highly self-focused generation with expectations for instant gratification and personalized attention. This generation has grown-up with continuous internet access, online shopping, and companies like Amazon and Pandora, which anticipate their preferences and make suggestions based on past searches and purchase trends. Delivering Excellence News is reporting weekly how these trends are impacting omni-channel and e-commerce organizations processes.

Giant Companies Voted Gmail Fax as Most Favored Email Fax of the Year

It has been estimated that there has been an increased in the usage of fax services after gmail launched a new service for free. The new solution offered by Gmail has been designed to work for both the Mac and Windows users. Users can use as much or as little of this free service.

West Central Produce Expands Its Operations Into 50% Larger Distribution Facility in Norwalk

LogoWest Central Produce, the largest distributor of fresh produce specialty products in Los Angeles, announced today that the company has upgraded its distribution center to a high-tech new facility in Norwalk. This marks the first move for West Central in the nearly 50 years since the company's founding. At 200,000 square feet, the new Norwalk facility also provides the company with more than 50% additional operating space from its original 130,000-square-foot facility in Downtown Los Angeles's produce district.

Whois API LLC Offers Whois Domain Name Availability and Lookup Services at Genuine Prices

Whois API LLC is held in high esteem when it comes to offering clients with detailed and accurate information about a domain name. Whois API LLC has a distinction to offer whois web services while keeping the client's needs and specific requirements in mind. It excels in providing whois lookup, bulk whois lookup, whois database downloading and domain name checking services at genuine prices. What makes the company to stand out is the fact that it offers diversified services in a single segment. By doing so, the company has not only created a niche for itself but also established its credibility.

Transforming Indigenous Police Forces

How can developing countries take their indigenous police and military forces, with a tradition of incompetence and corruption, and transform them into effective law enforcement agencies with the support of the local population? The answer is hiring a top level security consulting firm which utilizes active and retired Federal, State, and Municipal law enforcement officials. Vision Security Consultants, Inc. recruits its teams from departments such as SWAT, Bomb Squad, HAZMAT, Narcotics Interdiction and Trafficking, K9, Defensive Tactics, Use of Force, Accident and Traffic Investigations, Patrol, and Jail Operations. The Vision Security teams work closely with clients around the world to assess risks and apply the appropriate mix of professional security services and advanced technologies. The teams' presence promote stability and peace in areas that are recovering from conflict by transforming local police forces with the use of Vision Security's mentors, police advisors, and trainers.

'Water Damage Thousand Oaks' Helping People with Water Damage Restoration

LogoA California based company 'Water Damage Restoration Thousand Oaks' is helping people with various restoration woes. With over ten years of existence in the business, the company is a renowned and trusted name in the field.The company provides infrastructure restoration service to the clients with property damage.People in California often face natural havoc like floods, cloud bursts and heavy rains, which causes severe damage to the infrastructure. These havocs also give rise to the molds and other types of deposits. In these conditions, 'Water Damage Services Thousand Oaks' provides their unmatched services to the people to get water and other things cleaned from their houses and make them look as good as new. The company provides a range of related services ranging from toilet overflow repair to building restoration.

H Power Computing Announces Amazing Discounts on Computer Repairs

LogoGreat news for Honolulu residents in need of computer repairs, H Power Computing has recently announced 15% discount on its in-store computer repair in Honolulu.

'UAC Locksmith San Diego' Offers Residential Locksmith Services

LogoThere are a number of people who need reliable locksmith services San Diego has to offer and it's a good idea to have a company that can provide a all the locksmith solutions under one roof. While some locksmiths work well with residential door, others specialize in commercial doors and others manage to open up your car doors. However finding reliable solutions for all these areas is tough.

Careerquest Job Expo Coming to Wichita on April 7

LogoQuantum Expositions is pleased to announce they will be hosting their CareerQuest Job Expo on Tuesday, April 7, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel.

Finally, ACL Tear Treatment Without Surgery Thanks to Stem Cells

LogoThanks to stem cell therapy, an extremely painful injury that once required surgery and months of physical therapy can often be treated in a few weeks, without a hospital visit.

Dr. William Brown, California-Based Sports Hernia Surgeon, Releases Educational Video on Surgical Injury Repair

LogoDr. William Brown, renowned sports hernia (also called inguinal disruption) specialist, has released a new educational video on YouTube. With the injury widely misdiagnosed and incorrectly or under-treated, the sports hernia video offers his expert insight to athletes who are seeking accurate information about the debilitating injury and best practices in sports hernia repair surgery.

'Water Damage Studio City' Offers Water Damage Restoration Services in CA

LogoDamages done by water in homes and offices often end up becoming irreversible if not properly taken care of.  For residents of Studio City, CA, the most preferred option for finding solutions to water related problems is Water Damage Repair Studio City which offers 24/7 water repair services.

'Water Damage Pasadena' Offers Effective Water Removal and Repair Solutions

LogoThere are a number of reasons why water damage might arise and no matter what the cause, this condition is tough to control. It's always advised to call in the experts since they know exactly how to bring this situation under control and ensure there's very little or no damage caused. 'Water Damage Pasadena' is one of the leading water damage repair companies that one can find. They manage to provide effective services that provide complete water damage repair Pasadena has to offer. This company provides emergency service which is available 24/7. This service comes in handy in situations such as flood cleanup Pasadena and more.

'Water Damage Malibu' Offers Water Damage Repair Services in Malibu, CA

LogoWater Damage Malibu, a trusted name in the California for water damage restoration flood damage management and mold prevention. For the couple of years they have served hundreds of customers, household as well as commercials. A great team of certified professionals, unparalleled customer bonding and leveraging the working relationship with most of the insurance companies helped Water Damage Malibu to create a great reputation in the very space they operate.

Dallas Deck Craft Gears Up for the New Above Ground Pool Decks Season

Dallas Deck Craft wants to remind Dallas homeowners that Spring has sprung, and summer is right around the corner in the Dallas Metroplex. This time of year deck builders begin to get geared up for the busy swimming pool season in Dallas and the surrounding area. With 35 years of experience in building above ground pool decks in Dallas, Collin and Rockwall counties, the owner of Dallas Deck Craft knows all too well how busy his company is going to be when the temperature starts to climb.

5th Annual Joint Conference on Juvenile Justice on Saturday, April 11

On Saturday, April 11, 2015 the Montgomery County Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Task Force in partnership with the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth and the MerryInGOD Foundation will sponsor the 5th Annual Joint Conference on Juvenile Justice at the Morgan University Center on the campus of Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

'Water Damage Northridge' Offers Water Damage Repair Services in Northridge, CA

LogoRepairing any part of the home or office is not something that can be done and gotten over with. It needs professional guidance and expert techniques to be solved in a manner that it doesn't become a recurring problem. Water Damage Northridge is known as one of the most reliable companies in Northridge, CA when it comes to restoration and repair services for water related problems.

'Water Damage Santa Monica' Offers Water Damage Repair Services in CA

LogoWater damage is a time of crisis and time is of the essence at such times which is why one needs to call in the experts. 'Water Damage Santa Monica' is one of the leading water damage repair companies which offers some of the most streamlined services that include

Chepenik Financial Holds Florida's First-Ever 4.01K Race

LogoOn April 1, 2015, retirement consultation firm, Chepenik Financial, will host the 4.01K Race for Financial Fitness, the state's first-ever 4.01K race. Launches New Site - Put Your Logo on Just About Anything

A leading promotional products company has just launched a new website that will make it easier to customize products for events such as trade shows, product launches and more. The new design is sleek and simple, which means anyone purchasing from this brand will have an easy time getting what they want. Whether they require table covers, coasters, balloons or anything else, Branding Items are the way to go. No other company can provide such thorough and professional customization at such a reasonable price.

One More Reason to Join OctaFX Demo Contests

Good news for all OctaFX traders - we have upgraded all demo contests to have cutting-edge features of Supercharge real contest! 

New Emergency Dentist in Southport is a new dental practice in Southport, ran by Puredental, the well-known Liverpool-based brand with 3 cosmetic dental boutiques across Liverpool, Merseyside.