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MyExperts.Solutions Offers Free Consultations to Develop Effective Marketing Strategies

Lusea Lu and Marcel Huetten, founders of the MyExperts.Solutions digital marketing consultancy announced that the firm is offering free consultations. Business owners and entrepreneurs can speak with the marketing experts to determine the type of marketing strategies and solutions that would best meet their needs.

Mroads Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Revolutionary Hiring Platform Panya

LogoMroads has proudly announced that they have developed a revolutionary online recruitment solution called Panya that will redefine the way companies hire talent in the modern day world. Panya is an Artificial Intelligence based video conference interview platform for hiring and the US based company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and support for Panya on Kickstarter.

Park Press Offers Quality Embossed Letterhead Printing and Other Printing Services Under the Same Roof

LogoLetterhead printing is an excellent promotional for one's brand. With logo, design, slogans along with other tag-lines catchphrases, again and again, it leaves a lasting impression on the mind of people. Thus people can instantly recognize the brand once they see them in public. The actual identity of the business should somehow be reflected in the letterhead printing.

The Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team Is Selling Beautiful Homes Throughout Bucks County, PA, This Winter Season

LogoWhen families go in search of homes for sale in Bucks County and the Philadelphia suburbs, they trust the realtors at Joseph Bograd. Because of their intimate familiarity with the greater Philadelphia area, the agency's realtors possess the skills and experience to locate the ideal home for any buyer. Ranging from the majestic and historic all the way to the most luxurious and modern, Joseph Bograd offers the finest selection of properties, advised by agents with a dedication and passion that's unparalleled. Throughout the winter season, the Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team is selling the most beautiful homes in the Bucks County, PA area.

Visionocity Magazine Focuses on Fundraising for Nonprofits

LogoInternationally ranked Visionocity Magazine has announced that the latest edition, v23, is completely dedicated to the discussion of fundraising for the nonprofit sector. With countless nonprofit organizations having fantastic missions and causes, it's clear the nonprofit sector, along with other sectors, struggle to navigate through today's modern world of media.

America's Bridges Desperately Need the Precision of Robotic Engineering to Lead Timely and Accurate Repairs

LogoOne of the most frustrating things about contemporary times is that people are unable to change their mindset as fast as technology progresses. In fact, as American design expert Donald A. Norman said, "Technology may change rapidly, but people change slowly." American photographer best known for his world famous photo of the "Afghan Girl," says, "Technology changes, times change, but the essence of the culture and the people basically stays the same."

Mobirise Website Builder Starts Providing AMP Solutions for Creating Lightning Fast Websites

Mobirise, one of the lead providers of web design software, releases new themes for building Accelerated Mobile Page.

UAE Free Trade Zone Offers Unmatched Services to Investors Wanting to Start Business Ventures in Dubai

Starting a business or getting into a reliable investment is a different endeavor. Without the assistance of a reliable group of individuals, one often has very little chance of expecting the entire process to go through smoothly.

Avantika University's Industrial Design Programme, Designed to Impart Practical and Innovative Learning

Avantika University, an MIT Pune campus at Ujjain, offers Industrial Design in Bachelor's program that has been designed with the sole objective to impart innovative and hands-on learning to participants. The learners begin with observed needs or innovative ideas that are transformed through forms, structures, colors, materials, textures, environments, and detailing to digital and physical prototypes. The final result is a product, an interaction, a space, or an experience that creates sustainable value, thus evoking a positive emotional response for the intended user. This programme provides specializations in Product Design, Space Design, Experience Design, and Interaction Design.

The Thought Leader Program Launch: Companies Can Own Their Local Marketplace

Plain White T-Shirt Marketing, headed by the website and online expert Erik Cocks, launches the Thought Leader Program for small to mid-sized businesses.

MKB Bedrijfszaken Announces to Offer Dependable Solutions to Save Business Costs & Increase Profitability

There could be several kinds of unnecessary costs that a business can cease to spend on them to increase their profitability. With a few presses of the button, one can now learn how they can save on business costs. MKB Bedrijfszaken brings this cost-saving solution that a business can explore without any obligation. Moreover, they also offer a free quote for any business that wants to save money by eliminating unnecessary costs.

Improve Business Efficiency with Bespoke App Development Services from Profit by Outsourcing

#1 Web Design & Development Company in India, Profit by Outsourcing offers best app development services which helps entrepreneurs keep their products in hearts and pockets of customers, improving business efficiency like never before. Their custom mobile application development includes – development, implementation, and support of applications.

Devine's Office Supplies Partners with BizIQ

Devine's Office Supplies, a company that specializes in providing a wide variety of office supplies and repair services to individuals and companies in the Woodward, Oklahoma area, announced today that it has teamed up with BizIQ, a Phoenix-based digital marketing firm specializing in services for North American small businesses.

The People's Counsel Welcomes New Associate Attorney, Thomas Schmitz, Esq.

LogoThe People's Counsel The People's Counsel would like to welcome new hire, Thomas Schmitz, Esq. to the legal team. Thomas grew up in Saint Charles, Missouri. Thomas attended Grace Christian Academy for primary school and then attended Francis Howell North High School where he graduated in 2000. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychological Sciences from the University of Missouri, Columbia in 2008 and then attended Creighton University School of Law where he earned his Juris Doctor degree in 2012. During law school, Thomas was an intern at the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies and the Omaha City Prosecutor's Office.

Fidelity 1st Funding Offers Refinance for a Relatively Low Interest Rate in Sacramento and San Diego

LogoAccording to financial analysts, refinance is an excellent option for buyers when interest rates are low. The reason for this is quite apparent. Refinance mortgages make it easy for one to take new loans for a relatively lower interest rate. Low-interest rates mean low monthly repayments which lead to bigger savings. Of course, this only works provided the prices are low. If anybody needs cash for any reason as a person who owns a home with equity, then they may want to consider a home refinance in Sacramento and San Diego from Fidelity 1st Funding.

Fidelity 1st Funding Helps Clients Refinance Their Mortgage in Arcadia and Pasadena

LogoIn this high priced world, buying a home is an expensive endeavor. Usually, people decide on going for rentals. Nevertheless, those who want to own a home in Arcadia and Pasadena may consider getting the best mortgage rate. Since dealing with finances is never easy, picking a mortgage is one of the most significant financial decisions one will ever have to make. With a variety of different mortgage rates available in the market, a certain amount of time should be invested in finding the right one that will eventually turn out to be a great buying decision.

DJCRE Helps Property Owners Find the Right Tenants

Rental property owners who are having trouble finding the right tenants to fill their spaces and are wondering, "Who will rent my home near Graduate Hospital?" are encouraged to contact DJCRE Property Management. Proves They're Not a Scam finds that the most difficult thing about being in their business, is getting customers to understand that beating a speeding ticket is possible, and that a company that claims to be able to do such a thing, is not automatically a scam.

Restaurant Marketing Plan Released as Free Downloadable Template

LogoRestaurant Clicks, a digital marketing agency for restaurants and bars has released a free restaurant marketing plan template. The template is publicly available for download on their website.

Drink Branders Custom Drinkware Announces New Arrival of Custom Travel Mugs

LogoIt is affordable and convenient to include branded items such as travel mugs in any marketing strategy, for they are quickly distributed. While many can be given away from the clerk's counter at one's place of business, other can be easily collected from festivals, fairs, and bazaars. This is why business owners are seen adopting this strategy to advertise their brand and business by giving away custom travel mugs to their guests and customers.

Tekwell Services Selected as First Certified SKF Motor Rebuilder to Receive Machine Inspector Certification in the U.S.

LogoSeveral of Tekwell Services' technicians have recently completed SKF's Machine Inspector Certification.

Drink Branders Custom Drinkware Presents Custom Travel Mugs for One's Upcoming Campaign

LogoMugs are one of the most popular promotional items around. They are not just inexpensive but also last long, therefore, can be used over and over again. They serve a distinct function when they are used for the promotional purpose, and everyone can make use of them.

Drink Branders Custom Drinkware Introduces New Imprinted Travel Mugs

LogoWhile many companies still hesitate on giving out promotional products as they feel that they are too expensive, some think that shrinking advertising dollars are best spent elsewhere during this economic squeeze. But the truth of the matter is that promotional items such as imprinted travel mugs, pens, pencils, tote bags, magnets and much more like these are precisely what can spread your business immediately without breaking your banks.

Drink Branders Custom Drinkware Offers Travel Mugs at Affordable Price

LogoThe use of promotional mugs has remarkably increased in recent times, making the process of advertising easier than ever. With new marketing strategies coming up, providing promotional items like mugs become pretty common among the business owners. Not just does to serve the necessity of drinking, but also can be displayed on the desk as it comes in attractive colors and draws immediate attention of the viewer, increasing his curiosity about the company name displayed on the mug.

Millennial Tax Expands to Help Sole-Proprietors & Freelancers with Recent Tax Changes

With how the recent tax changes impact freelancers, independent contractors and sole proprietors, Millennial Tax is expanding its offices to serve more solopreneurs. New changes mean solopreneurs will have more questions now than ever. These tax changes have been the biggest overhaul in the tax code in more than 30 years. Depending on the type of legal structure of a solopreneur's business, they will most likely have new tax considerations. Being able to speak with a tax professional that is at the head of a of the curve in terms of understanding these changes is vital for solopreneurs to able to keep their financial plan on track.