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Productivity Tool for Distributed Teams and Digital Nomads Looks for Beta Testers

Taskeo is a productivity multitool that helps organize work in a distributed team. But while you might think it's just another assign-task platform, here's where you're wrong. Taskeo is developed with a full focus on the remote employees, digital nomads and freelancers. The functionalities you'll find on the platform are making it easier to communicate with your team regardless of the timezone.

Sinq's Improved Web Portal a Result of Growth in the Home Care Technology Industry

LogoSinq Technologies, a home health care technology and services company, is excited about its growth in the industry, and the subsequent advancements resulting from its success, namely a richer and more robust web portal.

Saffron Investigations Emerges at the Top for Offering the Best Fraud Investigator in Miami and Sunrise Florida Services

LogoSaffron Investigations is a leading investigation firm located in South Florida. The staff members of this multi-cultural firm consist of special forces military personnel, ex-enforcement detectives, in addition to some of the most knowledgeable local investigators in the business. The primary aim of this firm is to offer their clients the best possible quality of investigative services at the most affordable rate.

Saffron Investigations Has the Best Fraud Investigator in Miami and Sunrise Florida

LogoSaffron Investigations is a leading South Florida based private investigation agency. The main aim of this company is to provide their clients with the leading investigative services in an apt and reasonably priced manner. Saffron Investigations has been established by Michael Moloney, who is a retired South Florida law Enforcement Detective and have approximately three decades of experience in military and law enforcement. All the investigations carried out by this firm are observed every day by Michael.

Branding Agency Offers New Package Pricing

Small businesses embarking on a rebranding journey know the road ahead involves a lot of work and a significant investment. They also know the voyage will build value, so they venture onward despite the challenges to create a new brand and then introduce it to the marketplace. KickCharge® Creative, a full-service marketing agency that specializes in building brands, wants to make this undertaking as smooth as possible.

Renaissance Properties Group Offers Temporary Stay Locations for Executive Travel

When traveling, business people often have a lot of options regarding where they can stay and the price of their temporary stay location. Usually, executives end up staying in hotels that might not meet their requirements or that, very generally, feel like halfway points between the airport and their meetings. Hotels are places that have no comfort, no feeling of home.

Millennium Protection Services Best Security Company in Hollywood and Miami Dade Florida Offers Finest Services

LogoMillennium Protection Services is a flourishing, growing company with more than twenty-five years of experience in protective services, security as well as law enforcement. The company offers competent and devoted security guards who are outstanding examples in their field, and they also have wide-ranging training, and they need to pass the comprehensive background checks as well.

Millennium Protection Services Offers the Best Security Guards in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale Florida

LogoMillennium Protection Services has more than twenty-five years of experience in security and law enforcement support. The company offers competent and devoted security guards who have received exceptional training and education for their work. The company is known for providing the best working environment in the industry, as they believe that enticing and retaining trustworthy, qualified, dedicated, and polite individuals are essential for the success. At Millennium Protection Services, the proficiency in security broadens to offering outstanding security and concierge services for any events at home, corporate offices, hotels, stores, etc.

Rea & Associates Announces New PMA Practice Transitions Website

Rea & Associates recently made an announcement regarding PMA Practice Transitions' new website. According to the company, this website is located at Rea & Associates stated that the new website features improved functionality and an updated layout, making the site more informative and user-friendly.

Rea & Associates Announces the Release of Its Latest Plain and Simple Newsletter

Rea & Associates recently made an announcement concerning the latest release of its Plain and Simple newsletter. The company indicated that this latest issue is the Spring 2018 issue of the newsletter. The company stated that this newsletter is meant to provide financial advice to those in the Plain Community, which includes those in the Amish and Mennonite populations.

GoBeyond SEO Stands as the Premier Charlotte SEO Company That Delivers Results for Websites

With the heavy competition among businesses these days and with the widespread usage of the internet by consumers nowadays to search for any business, it is important that every business in Charlotte should get the best search engine ranking. This is where they can rely on the dependable Charlotte SEO Company that delivers results. GoBeyond SEO promises to deliver the expected results to their clients.

Rea & Associates Welcomes New Client Services Specialist Deirdra DiVittis

Rea & Associates recently announced that the firm has hired a client service specialist to join the company's Dublin, OH, office. Deirdra DiVittis brings a wealth of client services knowledge and experience, specifically with regard to knowledge of the accounting industry. Mark McKinley, CPA, principal and president of Rea's West Central Ohio Region, said the team in the Dublin office is excited to welcome DiVittis.

Two Klasko Immigration Law Partners to Speak at Event Hosted by NES Financial This September

Klasko Immigration Law Partners is pleased to announce that two of its partners will be speaking about the EB-5 Visa Program at the Silicon Valley Capital Club in San Jose, California, on September 5, 2018. Ron Klasko and Anu Nair are honored to participate and educate attendees on the requirements and process to obtain a green card through an EB-5 visa.

Keith J. Williams Law Encourages Everyone to Know Their Right to Counsel

Keith J. Williams, a criminal defense attorney in Bucks County, PA, wants the people of his community to understand their rights, especially when they are suspected of committing a crime. One of the most important aspects of criminal law that all should remember is their right to counsel.

Hochman & Goldin Discusses Risky Social Media Challenge

LogoFor those of unaware of the Keke Challenge, its popularity skyrocketed last month when the musician Drake released a song titled "In My Feelings". The song resulted in an Internet meme dance "challenge" where drivers exit their vehicle while it is in motion and perform a dance next to the vehicle as they are being recorded on video to then share on social media.

Viva Network Debuts with World's First Private Mortgage Exchange Powered by Blockchain

LogoViva Network has officially launched, bringing consumers an exciting new mortgage financing alternative with the world's first private mortgage exchange.

Bucks County Residents Can Turn to the Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team This Fall

LogoThe leading Bucks County realtors from The Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team are aiming to help residents find the homes of their dreams this fall by utilizing their years of expertise. Having lived in the Bucks County area for over three decades, Joseph Bograd is intimately familiar with all of the county's neighborhoods. This, in turn, allows house hunters the opportunity to find the best fit for them and their families in their search for the perfect homes.

Weekly Marketing Podcast Gains Popularity

LogoMost podcasts don't last more than a few episodes. When more than 40 episodes are produced, that's news. The "Market Your Business Like A Pro" podcast is hosted each week by Ken Countess, managing director of The Countess Group, a marketing consultancy based in Orlando, Florida.

Property Forensix App Launch Sends Scheduling a Home Inspection Screaming Into the Digital Age

LogoAltering the antiquated way home inspections are executed, handled and scheduled, the Property Forensix app launch has come to change the game. Designed to simplify the industry with a technological approach, all the way from scheduling to completion. 'Cutting to the chase' for consumers, Property Forensix makes the process as simple as downloading the app and picking from three plans; Standard, Premium, and Platinum. These options offer service descriptions, costs, and scheduling in about a few minutes time. With additional features designed to optimize time savings. Property Forensix keeps it simple, structured and streamlined.

National Tax Reports Brings Earned Income Credit (EIC) Advantage Awareness to Taxpayers

National Tax Reports, a reliable online Tax Information Company is pleased to bring to the awareness of taxpayers the Earned Income Credit (EIC) table. The company which prides itself in providing one-of-a-kind tax information service is pleased to bring back information on the EIC tax credit which was passed by the US government in 1975 is designed to assist people in the lower income levels to save on their tax and have a better tax refund.

National Tax Reports Reviews How Trump's Taxation Plan Will Change Things for Taxpayers

National Tax Reports, a reputable Tax Information Company is pleased to announce the release of its new financial analysis on President Trump's Tax Plan: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which became effective following the signing of the Act by President Trump. The reason why the company is looking critically at the ongoing development is because the new Act lowers the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% just at the turn of the 2018 financial year.

Revolutionizing REAL ESTATE ASSET BACKED Global Ecotourism Investments with Crypto

Own a piece of the Historic Village of Pedralva in Portugal and join our real estate backed coin offering and own a part of this rural village of Vila do Bispo located within a national park and close to breathtaking beaches. The villages is operated successfully as a fully licensed Touristic Resort paying stable Dividends to the Token holders.

Noise Communications Launches Editorial Coverage Service for Startups

Today, branding is has become more important than ever. The digital age has drastically changed the way companies market to their potential audience. Noise Communications, a communication and marketing agency, is doing their part to help startup companies and entrepreneurs get their message across and reach their target audience. With over 7 years of experience in building brands and digital media – they are putting their focus on helping startups get featured in top-tier publications.

Melbourne Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Urges Safety During Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

LogoOnce upon a time, many years ago, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, was considered one of the wildest parties on earth. The focal gathering of outlaw bikers from around the U.S. and the world, its history is a storied tale of brutal biker wars and nude women in the streets.

Tax Payment Made Easy as Taxpayers Can Now Import Their W2 Form Using Turbo Tax 2018/2019

Turbo Tax, a reliable online Tax Information Company has officially announced the release and continuous use of its W2 Form Importation—a new tax form documentation system that enables taxpayers to import their W2 form directly from their employers and straight into their tax return. TurboTax has been offering this service on a regular basis.